Chapter 8

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Brielle's POV:

"Tell us why you have such little confidence in yourself. I mean we sorta know but, talking about it helps so much more than us just telling you that you don't believe in yourself enough. I feel like it's been preached to you," said my memories.

I took a moment before speaking. "I've never been the girl guys fell over themselves to be with. Not like all the girls lighter than me, or the girls of my color who don't talk as properly as I," I shurgged. "I've never felt pretty. Levi's the first guy to make me feel...beautiful. I've been told plenty of times but because I'm so self consious I think they're just being polite and not that they're flirting with me. Self conciousness, I suppose, is where it stems from."

"Exactly! At least you know where it's coming from. Why are you so self concious?" asked my rationality. All I had to do is look down and they knew what I was looking at.

"Honey, you have something some girls would give anything for. Big breasts is nothing to be ashamed of," my memories stated.

I ripped a tall piece of grass as we walked. "I know, I know. It's just going to take a little for me to understand that and believe am beautiful."

"Tell us another story about you two. I think it's fitting to reminisce before your wedding," my rationality said.

"Well, sophomore year of college a few months after we began dating again, Levi surprised me by coming to MSU. I didn't even know he was coming. It was Valentine's day, and happened to fall on a Saturday.

Alyssa wanted me to come with her to get coffee, I didn't think anything of it because we always went to get coffee. When we got there, we didn't sit anywhere near the windows this time, she wanted to go to booth with my back to the door. I always sat facing the door. So, after we got our coffee we started talking about our Valentine's day plans. She told me how her boyfriend at the time, Victor, was planning some big date for them that night. I said I'd probably be Skypeing with Levi, and watching Titanic.

She laughed at me looking at me asking why titanic. I told her that even though Rose doesn't get to be with Jack in the end, it's a beautiful love story and makes me cry every time I see it.

"Why do you want to cry on Valentine's Day?" she asked smiling at me.

"Cause Levi's not spending it with me," I replied looking down at my coffee, using my index finger to trace the top of my cup, "It's the first one we've have since we've gotten back together."

She laughed at me. "I'm surprised you haven't turned around yet. I've been lookin' past your head the entire time you've been speaking."

I looked up from my coffee to her, confused. "What's past my head that's so special," I asked taking a sip of my coffee.

"Turn around and see," was all she said grinning.

I turned around and nearly spit my coffee I hadn't yet swallowed. He was right there in the shop. Holding red roses-—my favorite. I got up and ran into his open arms.

I still remember how he smelled. The musk scent of his cologne made me melt, it reminded me of home. I remember kissing him as the coffee shop erupted in claps and cheers. That was one of the happiest moments of my life," I ended smiling, as I looked down at the piece of grass in my hands.

"And," began my rationality, "that's the man you think would leave you after four years of dating? Seventeen years of friendship? You guys literal broke up once after high school, and when you got back together never again."

"I guess when I think about it now it sounds ridiculous, right?"

My memories looked over her shoulder at me and nodded.

"Okay, over there near that magnolia is a set of stairs that lead down to the last section of us and to the door you need to open to get back."

"Can we run?" I asked.

She laughed. "Though it looks close enough to run to the only way to get nearer is to continue talking about your issues. That's also the only way to open the door, by you fully understanding those issues and finding a solution to those issues."

"Well I know my issue, I understand it and I have a solution."

My rationality rose her eyebrow at me. "Do you really?"

I thought about it. She did say be honest. "Yes, I do know my issue and I do think I have a solution."

Levi's POV:

It was half way through the week when the hospital did another CT scan on Brielle's brain.

The swelling was almost completely gone down. She was showing significant progress so they said she might actually end up being taken off life support that night. It may take a couple of days for her to wake but she would be coming off for sure.

When they came in, her parents, my parents, Shania and Noah, all we there with me. Genevieve was at home with a baby sitter.

I stood outside the door anxiousness overcoming me as I walked back and forth in the hallway.

"Son, sit and breath," my dad said gently. "She'll be fine."

I snapped my head in the direction of my dad. "Look, I won't be sure of that until she still breaths on her own until the doctor comes out smiling or something."

"Levi," Brielle's dad said just as gently, "Your dad's right. Your nerves are going to get the best of you trust me, Brielle will be just fine. Our girl is a tough cookie. Do you remember the time she dove for a ball that was a line drive to the right side of her body?"

I nodded as a small smirk came over my face. "She smacked her head off the ground but was on her knees throwing out the runner who came off first. She didn't realize she'd put her two front teeth through the bottom of her lips."

Her dad nodded. "Then she yelled at the umpire when he made her leave after her double play to get a bandaid for her lip after you all had only one out before the game was over. That was just before she had to start playing with the fast pitch girls."

"Alright, you both are right," I said putting my back to the wall across from her room door and sliding down it to the floor. I put one leg out, while the other was up and my arm was draped over my knee. Then put my head back on the wall, closing my eyes.

Two minutes later, the door to her room opened and nurses were carrying out the life support machine. Dr. Martinez came out behind the last of the two nurses.

I stood, as he approached me and the family encircled me. He stopped in front of me and I held my breath waiting. A smile came over his face and I could breath again.

"She's successfully breathing on her own, her heart rate is slow but normal and blood count is where it's supposed to be. Her arm is healing well as well as the long laceration on her hairline. She'll be just fine. We'll continue to monitor her but looks like she'll make a full recovery, we're just waiting for her to wake up."

A smile came over my face as I took it all in. The rest of the family were hugging each other, patting me on the back, taking sighes of relief, the only thing I could think about were a pair of beautiful brown eyes staring back at me.

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