" I'm still hurting from that fall." Kai said while rubbing her knee

"Don't worry. Robert has something coming for him." I say giving him a deadly stare.  He notices and laughs it off 

He may be laughing now but in the end I will be. Just as soon as I think of something to get him back.  "Anything as to what exactly" she said now sitting down next to me  "Not yet. But when I do you be the first to know."

"Is it bad that I think he's kind of cute." She said shyly.  Did she just say Robert was cute. I think I'm about to be sick.  "Yes it's wrong he is the enemy!" I yelled at her quietly

"Well sometimes the enemy can be cute right ?" I can't believe this. Didn't she just agree to hurting him and now she saying he is cute. And when did she take an interest in boys? "Are you starting to like boys?"

She snapped her head towards me and started to shake her head. "Don't be ashamed. "

" I'm not. It's not a crime to say a boy is cute" she told me

"Never said it was. It's just you never told me any boy was cute unless we seen a cute baby."

"I guess I'm growing up then" she smiled at me and got up to finish playing with her friends. 


"How do you live next to her. I mean she is always staring." Rob said

"How do you know she is always staring unless you're looking too." I said back

"Oh snap bro, you like her." Zach stated

"Do not. Can't stand her." He said angrily

"Come on boys, let's continue this game." I said dribbling the ball

"Can we make this interesting this time?" Alex asked. I agree, it was starting to get boring. We thought about how we can get things to be exciting. I sat on the ball and looked at the boys trying to think. It was kind of quiet, all you heard is the girls giggling.

"I got it" Rob said we all looked at him waiting for him to speak again.

"Let's play dare or dare." I was up for it but I know this can't lead to anything good. It never does.

"Me first." Zach volunteered

"I dare you to eat a worm" Alex suggested

"I can die from that." He yelled

"Just do it" We yelled back at him

He went to find a worm. When he found one, you was able to see it squirm around. Glad that's not my dare.

"You look like you're going to puke." I said

"He didn't even eat it yet." Alex said laughing

"Just eat it already." He was taking his sweet time doing so.

He slowly put the worm in his mouth. You can see it move all along his tongue

"That's right chew it then swallow it." Zach did just that. He gulped down that worm as if it was going to come back up. I just laughed at his face. He was so disgusted by what he just did.

Next t up was Alex then Robert. It was now my turn. Not sure if  I'm ready for this.

"I dare you to.. hmmm what do I dare you to do?" Alex said thinking of something

"How about you dare him to kiss AJ." Robert said as he busted out laughing.

I think he do like her. It seems that he always end up talking about her.

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