My first semester of school is over and I'm now back home. Been here for a few days now. It was nice to catch up with my mom and sister, didn't know I would miss them as much as I did. Today is graduation. Those who are like me and finished early had to wait until summer to actually graduate and get handed their diploma.

I'm excited and nervous at the same time. My mom and Michele thought it would be a great idea to combine me and Austin's graduation parties. If I wasn't graduating I would have stayed on campus. I'm so mad at them. They know me and Austin haven't had any type of contact with one another since the day we broke up, and now on this supposed to be joyous day I'm stuck seeing someone I don't want to see. You see since I've been away I got over him. It hurt of course, but I wasn't going to just wait for him, not when he wouldn't answer my calls or text. I gave up and concentrated on other things.

"Ma do we really have to combine parties. It's not to late to tell our family to just come to ours." I whined next to her in the passenger seat

"Yes, now stop whining. Everyone is already there and we are late." Continuing to look at the road

"No one told you to take so many pictures afterwards and we'd be there already." I mumbled

"Excuse me? You are not to old for me to beat your ass. I don't care of this is your day." She warned

It's my day and I can whine if I want to.

"Whatever." Looking out the window ignoring what my mom decided to talk about next.

"Now you better be good and act like you care. If you have to fake a smile I don't care just be good. You hear me?" my mother warned as we came to Austins house.

"Yes." Walking up to the door.

"Hello. Congratulations Aniyah." Michele said greeting us and letting us in.

"Thank you." Giving her a fake smile. I look over to me mom who gave me a pleased look. I rolled my eyes heading to backyard where everyone is at.

"Aj!" Three familiar voices yell

"Hey guys." Walking to them and giving them each a hug

"How does it feel to be free?"Zach asked

"Well I've been free for a few months now, but it's okay. Not too much has changed." I replied

"How is college life? Made some new friends?" Alex asked me

"Have you seen any cute boys?" Rob added

"It's good and yes to both those questions." Laughing at the end

"So is there anyone you like? I mean are you even ready to like anyone else" they all gave me knowing looks

"It's been months with no calls or texts. So yes I'm over him." Shrugging my shoulders

"Did he move on?" So apart of me still cares, but who wouldn't?

"He -" Alex getting cut off by Rob hitting him and nodding towards the doors. I turn to see Austin. He looks different his hair was styled in a new way. Made him look older and sexier. He gave me a small smile and made his way over to the other guest.


I know I shouldn't be avoiding her, I just can't face her. After months of not talking to her and hurting her, I wouldn't even know where to start. Plus I don't think it's the right time to talk when we have so many people here today. It's a happy day and I would hope to keep it that way. Although I've been avoiding her, I couldn't keep my eyes of her. Stealing one to many glances at her. She's so beautiful.

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