It was that time again. The kind that all kids all dread. School. I was already dressed, sitting on my bed waiting for my mom, thinking about what my day ahead looks like. What will happen when and if I run into Robert? That right there will be a mess. What will happen if I see Brianna? I know for sure she would start something once she see's me with Austin. There are so many chances to get caught up in the drama, but I am not going there. It's my last year and I'm graduating early, in January, so no time for the unnecessary things.

I looked at my closed curtains, thinking about Austin. I haven't spoken to him since the day after we had sex. That happened to be two weeks ago. Not sure what me and him are, but I'm just confused. Him confessing how he feels about me and me not knowing how I feel. I've just been sat here in this room thinking about him and my feelings and yet I'm still stuck.

When I compare how Austin treated me vs how Robert treated me, Austin will definitely win. Like, he can always make me smile and laugh. Make my day better, especially with that smile of his. It really shouldn't be a hard thing to decide. For me it is, I never really sat and thought about my feelings for Austin. To me he was always just the boy next door.

"AJ, you have a guest downstairs." my mom said peaking in my room. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Who can be here for me?

I went downstairs to end the confusion swirling in my mind. I was met with the boy who has yet to leave my head.

"Hey." I said not making eye contact with him

"Hi, um I was wondering if you wanted a ride to school." He asked fidgeting with his fingers. I was hesitant on answering. Should I? Before I could answer my mom beat me to it.

"She would love to. Right sweetie." She told him shooting me a "you better do this look" I shot her a glare back.

"Sure, let's go" I grabbed my thinks and followed him out the door. I saw a familiar yet unfamiliar car in my driveway. I've seen it in Austins drive way I few times lately.

"You have your own car?" I asked

"Yea, I had saved up some money and mom went half to help me get this."

"You like it?" He asked biting his lip as if he worried I wouldn't like it.

" Yea, it's cute." Giggling seeing how that sounded so weird calling a car cute.

"Thanks" He smiled and me returning a small one.

We drove to school in an awkward silence.. Pulling up to the school, I quickly went to get out. He put his hand on my thigh, stopping me.

"Can we talk?" he asked nervously, pulling my face towards his. I just nodded

"I want to start off saying, I miss you. Two weeks of not seeing or hearing from you was terrible. I didn't even get a glimpse like I always do. You kept the damn curtains closed." He chuckled lightly

"I decided not to have some creep staring at me out of their window." Joking back.

" I can't help that I like what I see." He smirks. I blushed turning away so hide it.

" I also like when you blush." Pulling my face back to his. Looking into my eyes

"Can we be good again. Me and you." He asked a few moments later.


"Okay" he smiles inching closer to me. His eyes torn between my lips and my eyes. He then was a lot closer to me than I thought, brushing his lips against mine. I moved mine against his, wrapping my arms around his neck deepening the kiss.  

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