The Boy Next Door(Austin Mahone Love Story)

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Do you ever just stare out a window and think about what is really out there? Wondering what it has in stored for you. All the good and bad that can happen. If love is a big part of it. That's me right now, looking out on how the beautiful sun is shinning, with a cool breeze occasionally flowing into my room. It's a nice summer day. Not too hot, just cool.

A bird caught my eye and I watched as it flew around, down onto the street. A boy started to mess  kick it. The other three boys laughed and continued to play their game of basketball. I'm not a creep, but I watch these guys play every time they are over. I get a laugh out of it when they either fall or get extra cocky and miss the shot, also for when they play shirtless. What girl wouldn't watch? I smiled to myself and continued to watch.  I heard a voice call out my name with foot steps following behind it up into my room.

"Why don't you and your sister go outside while I clean the house." My mom said "Okay. Where's Kai?" I asked getting up from the bench underneath my window.

"Already making her way out there." She said as we walked out. I stepped outside with my sister greeting.

"Let's go jump rope with Crystal and the other girls." She said pulling on my arm, dragging me from the front steps.

"Tell them to come here and I will turn for them." Pulling my arm from her.

I didn't feel like going all the way down the block. She sighed and did just that. A few minutes later her and a few others came and supplied the rope.

"You're going to turn for us right ?" One of the girls said

"Yup." I said getting up. I turned as the girls jumped and just played around giggling like the little girls they are. I kept an eye on the boys that were playing in the street. It was more entertaining than the girls.

One of the boys noticed that I was looking and smirked at me. I can't stand him. Robert is his name. We don't get along. All we do is fight. My mom thinks that he likes me. She's sticking to how little boys like to mess with girls because they to scared to show their real feelings. That's bs to me. Anyways, the other boys are Zach and Alex. They are more cool, I get along with them.

"Stop looking at the boys and play!" Kai yelled out

I could hear the boys laugh as I turned my head away from them. I shoot her an "why you always have to embarrass me" kind of expression.

Kai (as a younger sister) always finds a way to humiliate me. Not to mention, it some how always includes to have boys involved. I usually let it go because I know once she is interested in boys I can return it all back.

I became bored standing here turning for these little girls I don't even like. My sister must of seen the boredom written on my face because she asked me to jump with her. Hmm, why not I thought and  gave the end of the rope to one of the girls.

They began to turn and me and my sister was on opposite ends waiting to jump in. I jumped in fist with Kai following behind. We were jumping together holding hands. Each step I took she mimicked. Making it easier to jump for a longer time with out messing up. I think I spoke to soon, I fell hard on my butt with Kai falling on top of me. I laughed it off until I saw the reason why we fell.

The basketball was rolling into the street next to us. Ugh Robert always have to start with me. Him and the boys were over there laughing up a storm. I see our pain is just something funny. I went to stand up but only to hit the ground again. My feet was tangled in the rope. That just caused the boys to laugh even harder. Anger raided my body. I'm going to get Robert back, just watch.

"Do you need some help there ?" someone said sticking their hand out for me to grab. I snapped out of it to see none other than the fourth boy standing above me. I grabbed his hand and he helped me up.

"Sorry about Robert. He likes to act like he's five ." He smiled  "Don't get to close you might catch something" Robert yelled at us 

We just laughed at how he just proved that statement was right.

He gave me one last smile before walking back to his friends. I returned the smile and watch as they got back to playing. 

Oh, before I go any further, I forgot to introduce my self. My name is Aniyah Janae , but everybody calls me AJ for short. I live on a block full of annoying little kids. They tend to stay at my house because of my sister. I'm the only teen other than that boy who just helped me up. If you're wondering who he is, well his name is Austin or as I call him the boy next door. 


This is my first Austin story and I'm pretty excited about it. So please comment and let me know what you think. Thanks :)

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