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"So what's up with you and AJ?" Zach asks

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Dude, you was about to kiss her before I called your name."

I was about to kiss her wasn't I? Does this mean I like her?

Nah, she is just my neighbor. 

Explain the almost kiss then? I was caught up in the moment.

Yeah just caught in the moment.

"It was nothing man. I got caught up that's it."

"Better be nothing. You know Robert and her have a thing going on." He tells me.

Something fired inside me as he mention Robert and Niyah as a "thing". I blew it off and stood up from the bench.

"Yeah I know. Let's go."

We walked into my room and I laid on my bed as Zach went and turned my X box on. I took my eyes away from him and instantly went to her window. She sat on her bed with her head down.

She must really feel bad about missing her date with Robert. Then it hit me. It's my fault she missed it. I was the one who took her out.

Wait, if she knew she had a date why'd she agree to come with me?Either way I have to make this right. I took out my phone and dialed the one person that can help with this.

"Rob we should talk."

"About what?"


"I don't want to talk about her she stood me up."

"I know, that's why I'm calling. She was with me."

"Why was she with you?" Anger was more evident in his voice.

"Calm down. I took her out to the park."

"She stood me up because she was on a date with you." I mentally slapped my self just realizing how that sounds.

"No. It wasn't a date. I just needed her for some advice. "

"Oh." was all he said in a calmer tone

"Look I didn't know you guys was going out tonight. We lost track of time, but don't be mad at her. Go over to her and make things right." I couldn't bare seeing her in her room all sad because of me.

It did this weird thing to me. I didn't say that of course.

"Alright man I will. Thanks for telling me."I hung up and sighed with relief. The next time I see her in that room I know she would be wearing a smile.

Why do you care if she is smiling or not?

I don't... I mean I do. Nobody deserves to frown.

I grabbed the second controller and joined Zach before I let my mind attack me with all these questions.


I felt so bad for standing up Robert. Felt even worst because I almost kissed Austin. All I could think about is how his lips lightly brushed mine. How soft they felt.

"AJ!" I shook away the images and went downstairs.

"Someones here for you." My mom said as I came to the last step. I nodded and went out on the porch. It was Robert.

"Hey." I say softly


"I'm sorry for standing you up. I didn't mean to." I quickly spat out

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