Three weeks. Three weeks of watching my best friend date my next door neighbor. Three weeks of me hating every moment of it. Three weeks of me coming to my senses and accepting my feelings for Aniyah. At first, I was in denial about it all, except this fiery sensation came over me every time I saw them together, it became to much to bare. Not to mention it almost got me caught. One day I was just fed up with their lovey actions; I flipped.

 " Can you guys not! There are other people here and no one wants to see you you guys suck faces."

" What's your problem."

" My problem is I don't want to see you guys suck face. It's disturbing. "

"Sorry, we will stop." "Next time do it where no one is around" I didn't know how it all sounded until I got home that night and thought about it. Alex said I should learn to control my jealousy and that next time a stunt like that won't be pushed aside. 

Other than my jealousy getting the best of me, Aniyah and I have been spending a lot of time together. Every night she would climb through her window into mine. Some nights we would talk or watch movies. Each night there's a moment where I see myself falling a little bit more for her. If only the feelings were mutual. 


" I don't want you hanging out with Austin without me around." There it is. Again. Robert going on about how he don't feel comfortable with me and Austin hanging out. At first, to make things work I did. As time went on I didn't care. How can he tell me who to hang out with or not. It's not like I can avoid Austin. He's my neighbor.

" I can see who ever I want. I don't need your permission. You're my boyfriend not my dad." " As your boyfriend, I feel as if you shouldn't be around him without me there." I don't see a reason as to why I shouldn't.

" Why don't you want me around him? Do you feel threatened by him? I mean you have no reason -" Robert cuts me off before I was able to finish the sentence.

" I am not threatened. I have my reasons why. Just listen to me for once." I huff in response. Done with conversation , I laid back on my bed.

" What are the reasons Robert? Because I don't see the problem in me seeing him." I spoke up as things became quiet.

" Because I said so. And you should do as I say." I sat up and looked at him not belie believing what I just heard. 

" Excuse me? I should do as you say just because you say so. Ha, you most got me twisted." I got up and went to my door opening it.

" You can leave. Or do I have to wait until you say you're ready to go?"

" Nah, I'll go. Just remember what I said."

" I'll remember it alright as I go see Austin later." I closed my door and locked it.

I opened my curtains exposing Austin's window. He had just walked in with a figure following behind. Robert. He can't be serious can he? I hope he don't tell Austin to stay away too. Jealousy can be one hell of emotion.


Robert just came over saying we need to talk. I already know it's about Aniyah, I really don't intend to listen, it will only fuel my jealousy, so I tuned him out. Just nodding and saying yeah when it was needed.

" So you understand why I want you to stop hanging with her right?" He asked

" Stop hanging out with who?" Maybe I should have listened more.

" AJ, I don't want you guys seeing one another without me there." What the hell?

" And why not? We are friends."

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