Nothing... It was nothing but the dark skies and rain. I took one last look just to make sure.

"AHH!" That's my sister scream I thought. I ran to her or to what I thought was her since I couldn't see to well it's still really dark.

"Kai!" I yelled. She didn't reply. My heart raced with the million thoughts that was beginning to come to my head.  I yelled her name out and again got nothing.

"Austin!" I began to yell but something covered my mouth. It was a hand. Another was wrapped around my waist picking me up. I bit the hand as hard as I could and kicked the person as I turned around. "Oww!" The person cried out in pain

They grabbed my leg before I could get away. I went to kick them again  when the lights turned back on. I looked down to see who was holding on to me. Then around to see if anybody else was in the room.

" What the hell is wrong with you !" I screamed 

"Thought it be funny." He says laughing with the others joining in,even my sister  I just shot them all evil looks. And walked up to the stairs.

"Come on AJ, don't be like that." I heard my sister call out

"Don't be like what? It could have been some real killers and y'all are just laughing like it's all okay. And it's not!" 

"Get your panties out of a bunch and chill. It wasn't no real killers." Robert told me. I walked over to him and kicked him where the sun don't shine.

"Did it hurt more this time or the first? Or should I try for a third time." I just watched as he laid on the floor in pain. That cheered me up.   I went to the kitchen to get some water and calm down. Be glad it wasn't no real killers I was telling myself. I walked back in the living room. Great I have to sit next to Robert. And I know that nobody wants to switch because they like to see me suffer. Some people they are.

"Why are you guys even in my house? Shouldn't you be home?" I asked

"We thought it be better to be as a group so we went to Austin's. No one answered. We figured he'd be here since we knew his mom wasn't home." Zach explained

"Plus we text him and he said he was here." He added on

"That's when I thought of the best prank. To scare you." Robert said starting to laugh.

"Y'all have no lives." I simply said "Who was watching Cinderella? Better yet why was you watching Cinderella?" He randomly said

"Oh that's AJ's favorite movie." Kai blurted out

"It is?" I questioned and raised an eyebrow at her She just gave me the "just go with it" look I gave in and agreed

"Yup, it's my favorite movie in the world." trying not to sound to sarcastic. I look to my right to see Austin smiling to himself.

"We're the one's with no lives yet your favorite movie is Cinderella. That's funny." Robert said

"Why do you always have to comment about what I do or say? Do I fascinate you Robert. Do I interest you, because it seems like I do." I spat at him

"Oh please don't flatter yourself. You wish I was interested in you." He said back

"Not even in my nightmares I'd ever dream of you being interested in me." I shot at him

"Can y'all date already. Like it's so obvious you guys like each other." Zach suggested

"Can I hit you now or later?" Robert asked him. I just laughed. Who in their right mind would ever date Robert?  Oh that's right, the girls in my school, they aren't so bright so they date asses like Robert.

It grew quiet after the boys was done teasing Robert and I. Not to soon after, the silence ended.

"So that game of truth or dare the other day. It was something wasn't it." Robert said out loud. I watched as the boys except Austin shoot him looks.

"Right Austin. Your dare was the best." Austin looked at him then at me. I couldn't read what he was feeling or thinking. We just shared the gaze until Robert of course interrupts.

"AJ, you might know something about that dare too. I mean why the hell else anybody would want to kiss you. " He just went on about how nobody would ever like or date me. I would usually not care for what he has to say, but I can only take so much and I am a female with emotions. I felt myself get teary. Before anyone can see I got up and ran up to my room. 

"You're such an ass." I heard the boys say with a few other words    

I sat on the edge of my window and watched as the rain dripped down. The rain helped me relaxed, but I was still upset. I may not be the prettiest girl in the world. I do know I am not ugly. Yet, sometimes I feel like I am. Is that normal? I guess, most girls have insecurities and bad days.

"Niyah?" I didn't face voice of who was behind me . I just continued to stare out my window

"Yeah" I replied

"First, I didn't have nothing to do with them and their prank. Thought you should know. And I'm sorry about Robert. He's a jerk"

"Whatever. I don't even care anymore." I quietly yelled.

"So are you okay?" He hesitated to say

"I'm fine. Can you just leave me alone." I said calmly. He didn't reply back, he just walked out of my room. I know I shouldn't have treated him that way. It's not like he really cares. Why all of sudden now he wants to see if I'm okay? This is not the first time Robert did this. I just continued to watch the rain pour and let my mind wonder.


I woke to the sun shining into my face. I slowly closed my curtains to block the sun out. I thought back to why I fell asleep at my window. I then remembered I was watching the rain and that the sound put me to sleep. I also remembered why I was at my window. Robert.  I got up and got my things to take a shower. I have a feeling the boys are still here and I don't want any of them to criticize how I look when I first wake up. I just want a nice day. No drama.

After my shower, I looked at the clock and it was only 9:25. I bet I'm the only one up. I went downstairs to make some breakfast. I decided to be nice and cook for everyone.

"Good morning." Someone said in a deep, rough voice. As do many other girls a boys morning voice is extremely attractive. What made me not like it was because who it belonged to.

"Morning." I say turning around to face them

"I want to apologize for what I said last night. The prank and my comments." They said

"How do I know you mean it?" There was no sorrow of any kind in his voice.

"For one, I don't ever apologize for the things I say or do unless I really mean it." I looked into his eyes and I got what I needed. He was truly sorry. I couldn't believe it.

"I accept your apology... Breakfast is almost done, you can go and wake the boys up." I said turning back to the stove. I felt his hand grab my waist stopping my turn. I quickly rushed my eyes to meet his when his lips crashed into mine. My mind was going crazy. I wanted to pull away, yet my body stayed and let him kiss me. My lips even kissed back. Our lips parted and I just stared at him. One by one questions started to hit me. Did this really happen? Is this real? And the biggest one, why did he kiss me?

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