"Aj, I smell something burning!" I snap out of my thoughts as my sister pushed me out the way to get to the smoking pan.

"You could have burned down the house!" she said as the smoke alarm sets off

The house filled with a ringing noise along with the loud  groans of the boys waking up.

I went to reach up and turn the alarm off, as I did I felt a body behind me and do as to what I couldn't.

"You should grow, and maybe you'd be able to reach things." I turned and faced the person and their eyes was already down on me. I couldn't help but look down and smile.

"So who tried burning the house down?" Zach said as he and Alex walked into the kitchen

"AJ! Luckily the only thing she burned was two pancakes, and moms new pan." Kai said showing everyone the damaged I've done.

"Mom is going to flip." She added

"She should just be happy everyone is fine and the house." I said

"Now for the food that is not burned, can we eat it ?" Robert asks

"Yea go ahead, enjoy." The boys actually didn't make a mess and go wild over the food. That's a first. It sure wasn't the only first of things that happened today.

After breakfast we all decided to go outside and enjoy the warm weather. The boys of course went to play basketball.

"Don't know about you but I'm going to go ask the boys if I can play." Kai said

"You don't even know how to play." I bet she just want to get close to Robert.

"So that's when they will teach you duh." She said shaking her head at me

My sister is really getting grown on me. I watched as she walked over to the boys and twirl her hair as she asked if she can play. I laughed how Alex was the one helping her and not Robert.

"Hey, come and play with us" Austin said as he ran up to me

"I rather not." I said

"Afraid you can't compete with us boys" he said while smirking 

"Of course not. Just not in the mood to see boys cry." I returned the expression

"How about just for fun?" He tried reasoning with me. The last time I played I made Robert cry. That was a good day for me. I smiled at the memory.

"Sure, why not." We both walked over to the boys and joined them. Since my sister was there and they couldn't play rough we just played a game of horse.

"That's not fair!" I yelled at Austin. He just made a shot I know is impossible for me make. He hardly made that in. 

"That's cheating. You know dang well none of us can make that." He just laughs 

"How about I help you make it." He came and stood behind me. He ran his hands against my arms working it down to my hands. Chills ran down me after his touch.

I made the form you make when you're about to shoot a basket.

"Bend your knees more." He softly spoke into my ear. I did as he said and watch as the ball flew in the air towards the rim. The ball spun around the edge before making it's way in. 

"See it wasn't that hard." He spoke again into my ear. My face felt hot so I knew I was blushing. I stepped away from the grasp he held on me and walked away from him.

When I finally looked up I see all the boys and my sister staring. 

"Nice Austin just steal Rob's girl." Zach said. That sent him and Alex to hysterics. I looked over at Robert he looked angry. But shook it off as our eyes met.

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