It's been a week since Robert and I have been dating. I can say that so far things are actually good. We haven't fought and it was nice for a change. I hope things keep going this way, if not my whole plan would just back fire on me. I don't need that.

"Why you all dressed up?" I turned to face Kai, she walked in and sat on my bed.

"Oh, me and Robert are going on our first date." I haven't told her because she gets annoyed and angry. She has it bad for him.

She huffed and got up to leave.

"Are you seriously mad right now? Can't you just be happy for me!" I screamed at her. I wasn't going to but she don't need to be mad.

"You took him from me." She spoke in a low tone

"He was never yours. He liked me." I told her

"Look I know he was your crush, probably your first and I know it's hard to get over them. He won't be your last so don't be upset. You will have better boys to crush on and go out with trust me." That seemed to make her smile

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't even like Robert he was always mean to you. Which makes me wonder why you agreed to be with him?" She looked at me with a puzzled face

I thought about if I should tell her my plan or lie.

"Had realized I had feelings for him. He wasn't always mean to me, I was mean to him too." I lied

She bought it and started to play with her phone.

"So where is he taking you?" She asked

"Not sure, he won't tell me." I told her while finishing up the last touches to my make up.

"You look really nice. I bet Robert's going to like this side of you." She looks up smirking

"The girly side. Ehh." I was about to plop down on the bed when the bell rang.

"You ready?" I shook my head and began to walk downstairs.

"AJ, your date is here." I bet my mom is happy to be saying that. She's been all happy about me dating and boys. It's not like it's my first date or first boyfriend. It's just been a while since that time in my life.

I reached the bottom step and started to feel something. Nerves, no it can't be. It's only Robert. Come on AJ, stay alert we have a plan to go with. I reminded myself.

"You look nice." He said with a smile.

His smile is actually cute and well, nice. I gave him a small smile

"Thanks. You look nice too."

"Okay, don't get her home to late. Have fun." My mom was practically pushing us out the door. Someone should be excited for this I guess. And I should be happy shes not the mom that likes to take pictures. That I am very grateful of.

"So where you taking me?" I asked as I put my seat belt on.

"Just to Olive Garden, If that's okay."

"That fine with me. I never been there." I confessed

"Seriously?" He looked almost shocked.

"Yes, that's the one place my mom never took us."

"Lucky me, I get to be the one to watch you experience this Olive Garden life." He smiled at me, taking his eyes off the road for a brief moment.

The car ride was silent. It was a little awkward at first until he let the radio play. Making small talk is hard for me, especially with the person you used to despise. I mean still despise, just less than before.

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