I would like to say that things got better as time went on ,but I would be lying. From Robert to Brianna, I couldn't catch a break. It was always something with them two. I tried not to let it get to me and trust me it was hard not to.

Austin was always there for me every time something came up and I couldn't be more thankful. At the same time, I wish he wasn't so good to me. I don't deserve it.I ruined a friendship a tight bond between bros. All my fault because I cheated.

A month passed and I didn't even begin to think of what I can do to get them back as friends. I'm scared that if I try it would all just become worst. I know there's no way to tell if I don't try so I have to come up with something. Maybe Alex can help me. So I called him up.

"Hey Alex, I need your help with something?" I asked

"Sure with what?"

"How should I get Austin and Robert back on good terms?" asking gently

"Nope. Not going to happen. That's to dangerous to mess with right now. It's like they really hate each other."

"Exactly, I need to fix all this. I know they don't really hate one another. Deep down they still love each other. They just have their pride in the way. And plus I can't deal with the fact I caused that. So please Alex help me. Please." I begged

"Fine. I will help. Let's meet up later and I'll call Zach so he can have a say also."

"Thank you thank you." I cheered

"Does Austin know what you're planning?"

"No. And I would like to keep it that way. If Austin knew he wouldn't go through with it. You better not say anything." I told him

"I won't. Better not get caught." I smiled knowing this is the start to hopefully a friendship being salvaged.


"Hey" I heard and looked up to see Niyah coming through the window. Haven't seen much of her lately, so it's good to see her face. I miss her and her laugh.

"Hey babe. What you been up to?" I said turning my chair to face her as she sat on my bed.

"Oh just school work." She shrugged

"I'm supposed to be doing this essay, but since you're here I can take a little break what do you think?" I asked climbing over to her

"Sounds good to me." She smiled as i pulled her into a kiss. I don't think I can ever get enough of that.

"Mmm can we watch a movie?" fluttering her eyes open waiting for my answer

"Sure. You pick out the movie and I'll go get us some snacks." She nodded as I got off of her and went to see what snacks I have.

When I got back up to my room she was on the phone so I just stood outside the door

"No he's in the kitchen.. Okay I'll meet at the park. Text me when you get there. Bye" Who was she meeting? Maybe Kai. I shook those thoughts and entered the room

 I saw that she picked a chick flick.

"Do we really have to watch this? I'm sure you seen it already." I told her placing the snacks on the bed as I cuddled up to her.

"But I wanted to watch it with you." She said softly looking at me with her big brown eyes. How could I say no?

"Alright we can watch it." She smiled and kissed me on the cheek and pressed play.

I opened eyes to see the ending credits scrolling down the screen. I carefully slid from under Aniyah not waking her and turning off the movie. A light buzz caught my attention.

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