"Looking over there won't change anything you know. " my mom said to me as I stared out my window. I sighed and shut my curtains.

"I wish it could." From the day Austin left me in my room, we haven't been in contact with one another.

I called him a bunch of times but each time he didn't answer. I just couldn't believe he dumped me. He was always so for us and dedicated yet he let me go as if it was the easiest thing in the world.

"I know sweetie. Let's get the rest of the boxes in the car." She told me walking out.

I didn't have anything stopping me from leaving early so here I am. Packing the last of my things into the car. This would be my last time in this room for a few months. So many memories. Mostly to do with Austin and how he would sneak into my room at night.

"Hey babe." He said as he climbed through my window.

"One of these days my mom is going to catch you climbing in here." I peered up at him from my bed

"And all she would let me stay because she loves me." Getting on my bed

"I needed to check on you, I heard you and Robert ." Wrapping an arm around me

"Want to talk about it ?" He asked

"No, he just got mad over something stupid." Dismissing the topic

"You shouldn't let him treat you the way he does. It's like how you guys were before just dating. I thought he liked you."

"He does, it was just a disagreement."

"Either way. You can do better." He told me

"There's nothing wrong here. Me and Robert are good." Defending my relationship

"And you're lying. But don't worry. I'll one day show you how much better you can do." Walking over to the window and leaving

It was just days later he did just that.

I smile at the thought. Grabbing a few bags and closing my door.

"Ni do you have everything? Won't be turning around because you suddenly remembered something that was left." Mom yelled from the car

"I have everything." Placing my bags in the back of the car.

"AJ!" I turned to see who was calling my name. It was Alex, Zach and Rob. No Austin.

"We just wanted to say goodbye." Alex spoke up

"That's sweet guys. I'll be back during breaks and stuff. Can always come over.

"We will. Even though we wasn't always close. Getting to know you was a great thing. Brought so much to our little crew." Zach said hugging me

"And even tho we had our problems. I'm glad it's better and I'm just sorry for everything. Don't forget about me over there. Any of us." Rob hugged me

The other boys stepped off and it was just me and Alex.

"I'm going to miss you... He's going to miss you." Talking quietly

"I'm going to miss you too. And him. Just tell him that even through all this, I still love him and I hope he still loves me." My eyes began to water and I had to blink back the tears. I was not going to cry anymore.

"Please don't cry." He said bringing me into a hug.

I took a few deep breaths and calmed myself

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