I've kept my distance from Austin the last few days. I was still processing that he doesn't trust me. I'm not even sure I know how to get him to trust me. As of what I'm about to do next might not help the issue. I asked him if he wanted to hang out, but today is also when me , Alex and Zach is making/forcing, Rob and Austin to talk.

Alex just text me saying he has Rob and is on their way back. We decided to meet up at Alex's house to decrease any suspicion. Alex and Zach went to "pick" up food, but instead got Rob. I started to get anxious.  I'm afraid that this will all just become worst than it already is. I just keep telling myself that if I don't try who knows what would happen if I didn't. 

"Babe you okay? You kinda zoned out there." Austin said waving his hand in my face.

"Oh yeah sorry." Avoiding his eyes. If I don't I think I may just spill everything. I mentally smiled at how adorable he is with his confused look. He probably thinking I'm crazy just staring.

"You sure you okay? You're just staring at me." He says bringing his hand to caress my cheek. I sighed into his touch. Enjoying his touch. Savoring it, for I don't know how today's events will affect us.

"We're back!" Alex yelled as the three boys walked into the living room.

"What is he doing here?" They both managed to yell simultaneously. 

"And her why is she here? Why? Alex what hell!" Rob roared at Alex.

I took that as my time to step up and explain things.

" I asked him to bring you here." 

"Why?" Austin sneered as he returned glaring at Rob

"Because of this , how you two are acting. I hate that I've come in between a friendship. I.." Began to speak 

"But apparently that's what sluts do right. Since you're one." Rob cut in. I knew he would say something mean. Each time he does it hurts. It's like what we had was nothing. I mean even if I did it to hurt him and in the end I did, I still fell a little for him.

"Don't talk to her like that! Yea she may have had sex with me, and might I say she was real good. You're not exactly the innocent one. You were cheating too. So you're just as bad. Actually, no worst !" Austin defended me. If that's what you can call it.

"Well so was Brianna, since you knew I was cheating is that why you did it. To get back at me." He smirked 

"I can give to shits about her. We broke up for a reason." Austin said

"You wouldn't give it up. It was like you were the bitch in the relationship. I wana wait til im ready. Want it to mean something so I can always remember it" he mocked in a girly voice.

"Fuck you! You're just mad that I got to Aniyah first. We all knew all you wanted was sex anyways. It was all just a fucking bet!" The room went silent and all you heard was me gasp. 

"It was just a bet?" I said in a small voice. It hurt but it should have been expected. And plus I agreed for my own mean reasons.

"Niy, I'm sorry." I quickly waves him off. No reason for him to be sorry.

"I should have known it was something like that behind it all. Why would Rob actually like me right? But that fine. I'm not even mad. Wana know why?" I asked as they all just stared at me

"The only reason I said yes was to hurt you. To make you feel like how I felt whenever you picked on me. I had to put up with you for years. But I was stupid enough to catch some feeling for you. I guess you may have too in the fucked up relationship we did have. As you can see, I was the one to get what I wanted, even if it did back fire on me."

They all just looked shocked at what I confessed. I just continued to speak

"I never intended you guys to not be friends over me. But if I was just a bet why are you so mad Rob. So what we didn't have sex. What's the big deal? Just get over it and be friends with Austin again."

"She has a point." Alex spoke quietly 

"And Austin im sure if he apologize for the way he treated Aniyah things can start to go back to how it used to be." We all waited to for one of them to make a move. If not we was prepared to use drastic measures. 

"As long as you apologize, I can forgive and forget. What do you say?" Austin started waiting for Rob to reply. He looked hesitant but we all can see he breaking his walls down.

"Yeah okay. " Rob agreed making his way to me

"I'm sorry for treating you the way I did. And I mean that for all the times through the years. And yes I fell for you like you did me. And the bet was stupid but I'm glad we never had sex that probably would have complicated things a lot more. " I have him a light smile and nod. Showing him I accept. I pushed him back to Austin so they can finish making up.

"I'm sorry bro. I was stupid and I can admit I miss you and the guys. I'm really sorry for being a jerk." It took a moment but Austin gave in and hugged Rob.

My work has been complete maybe with that out of the way, I can work on getting Audtin to trust me, although I'm still very confused as to why now. He knew the relationship with Rob was fake, so what is the reason why he don't trust me?

So there you go. Rob and Austin finally made up.  Yay! What do you think about Aniyah wanting to gain Austin's trust? If it wasn't because of Rob, why does Austin not trust Aniyah? Or is she just thinking to much into it all? Sorry it's been forever but I will have the next chapter up quite soon. Comment and vote thanks :)

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