I haven't seen or spoke to Austin since he kissed me. Not like we did any other time. I was just hoping he would try to explain that kiss. He probably been over at Alex's  house or maybe avoiding me. I should be the one avoiding him! He only kissed me because of a stupid dare. Maybe that's why, he's ashamed of being petty and kissing me.Ugh, why am I even concerned? Austin is just the boy from next door. I exited my thoughts and looked out my window. It's raining. There goes all the good weather we were having.

"Aj, come down stairs sweetie." My mom called I got up from my bed and walked to the end of the stairs. My mom came over placing bags in front of the door. Was she going somewhere?

"What's with these bags?" I asked as I went  to sit on the couch next to Kai

"Mom's going on her monthly spa retreat with Michele" I totally forgot she goes on those.

"You trying to go in this weather. I mean don't you hear that thunder?" as if on cue the thunder roars "Oh please, this weather is not stopping me from the little vacation I get."  She said walking into the kitchen. I focused my attention to whatever show my sister was watching when the door bell had rang.

Ding Dong

"Can one of you girls get the door? It's probably Michele" my mom yelled. I got up and went to open the door. It was Michele, she was standing there under her rather large red umbrella. I stepped aside so she can come in.

"Hey Aj, how are you?" she asked with a smile attached

"I'm good and you?" I say about to close the door

"Hold up, sweetie can you please go and put my bags in Michele's car." My mom asked

"Sure." I said gathering her bags "Austin's in the car so he can help if you need it." Michele offered "Thanks. I should be fine." I say grabbing the closest hoodie in the front closet. I walked out quickly seeing that Michele's car is down at the end of our driveway. Why does our driveway have to be so big? I thought to myself. To speed this up I picked my pace up from walking quickly to a slight jog. I second guessed my decision once a small wave of water washed over me. I looked down at the huge puddle I was now sitting in.

"Great, this is just freaking great !" I yelled out. I went to get up and saw a hand sticking out offering help. I look up to see Austin standing there with a small smile. He is always smiling. Whenever I am around him he's smiling. There's nothing wrong with that. I just wonder what's the reason behind the smiles.

"Are you alright. I just heard a splash noise followed by some yelling. And now I see you on the ground? " He said trying to figure out what happened

"I'm fine." I said grabbing his hand and getting up 

" I was just trying to put my moms bags in your moms car." I said picking up the bags

"Let me help." He said while grabbing a bag from me. He opened the trunk and we placed the bags inside 

"Thanks." I said giving him a smile

"Don't thank me yet. I have to get you back inside before you fall again." He said laughing

"Haha very funny." I said shooting him a "shut up" kind of look. I walked off to head back inside leaving him standing there.

"Wait!" I heard him yell out I turned to him slowly jogging up to me

"Let me hold your hand, so you don't fall." He barely got that sentence out as he was about to be face planted into the wet ground. He grabbed on to me as he was falling causing me to fall with him.

"What the hell." I said throwing my hands up and splashing them down in the puddle.

"You should of saw your face. It was priceless." He said starting to laugh

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