I sat up all night thinking of Robert.

Weird right ?

He didn't even come to help me. Austin did. What a first date we had. Maybe I should just stop messing with him just to hurt him. We couldn't even get through our first date without something bad happening, even if he wasn't the reason why.

Sitting up, searching for my phone as it rang loudly  at the edge of my bed. It read Robert across the screen. 

Should I answer it ? No. My thumb swipes across the screen accepting it was able to register what my mind made up.

"What?" Annoyance was clear in my voice as I spoke into the phone. 

"Are you mad?" That's such a stupid question I thought. Of course I'm mad.

"How could you just sit there and laugh? And let me leave alone" I yelled softly through the phone.

"It was kind of funny and Austin took you home. You shouldn't be mad." He said with a little anger in his voice. He has no right to be angry. 


"I shouldn't be mad? Are you serious?! I have all the right to be mad. You just let me get embarrassed and didn't do nothing to help and Austin shouldn't have to take me home. I was not his date, I was yours." Let me calm down. Getting angry is not going to fix anything.

I heard him sigh. Good maybe he sees how wrong he was.

"Look I'm sorry. I shouldn't have laughed." He said

"I don't care if you laughed. This was our date and it all just went wrong. You didn't even try to make it better either." It was my turn to sigh over the phone.

Why is this bothering me so much? This is Robert we're talking about, why do I have all these high expectations? 

"Let me make it up to you."

"I don't know."  I quickly answered.

Should I give him another chance? He was nice and sweet up until that incident. 

"Come on, I promise this time it be better. We can do whatever you like." Reasoning with me.

He sounded like he really meant it. 

"Fine."  I gave in. Maybe a little to easily. I don't know. 

"I'll pick you up Friday night." He told me

"Alright. Bye " I hung up and laid back on my bed thinking of what we can do for our date.  

My eyes wanders off over to Austin's as I stared out my window into his. He doesn't look to happy. Brianna was sitting next to him running her hand up and down his arm. She probably drained all of his happiness by being there trying to seduce him . Can't she get the hint he's not ready to have sex yet.

" Boo!" my heart was beating out of my chest as I almost fell off my bed turning to scream at the person.

"What the hell... Oh my gosh Danny!! What are you doing here!" I say hugging him as I got up.

Danny just so happens to be my best friend. He lives in New York. I used to live there too, until my mom dragged us here to Texas. It's only been a few years and we see each other during holidays. Never the summer because he's always busy. 

"Decided to visit you. It's the one summer I'm not to busy for you." He smiles as he pulls me in for another hug.

"So what was I interrupting?" He says while jumping on my bed.

"Who are they?" He points to Austin and Brianna

"Oh that's just Austin. You've met him at Christmas." I told him.

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