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The Boy Next Door(Austin Mahone Love Story)

The Boy Next Door(Austin Mahone Love Story)

7.1K Reads 257 Votes 20 Part Story
MahoneLove_ By MahoneLove_ Completed

Do you ever just stare out a window and think about what is really out there? Wondering what it has in stored for you. All the good and bad that can happen. If love is a big part of it. That's me right now, looking out on how the beautiful sun is shinning, with a cool breeze occasionally flowing into my room. It's a nice summer day. Not too hot, just cool.

A bird caught my eye and I watched as it flew around, down onto the street. A boy started to mess  kick it. The other three boys laughed and continued to play their game of basketball. I'm not a creep, but I watch these guys play every time they are over. I get a laugh out of it when they either fall or get extra cocky and miss the shot, also for when they play shirtless. What girl wouldn't watch? I smiled to myself and continued to watch.  I heard a voice call out my name with foot steps following behind it up into my room.

"Why don't you and your sister go outside while I clean the house." My mom said "Okay. Where's Kai?" I asked...

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