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It had past a few days since all the guys were last over my house. I haven't spoken to any of them especially Robert, although twitter became his close friend where he went off to talk about me. It was from sad tweets to angry ones. To be honest I just laughed at them all.

I was about to walk out my room when something caught my eye. Austin had walked into his, he had someone with him. A girl, I don't know who she is but she has been over there everyday. I don't sit there and watch them because that's just creepy, but they seem really friendly towards one another. I closed my curtains and went downstairs to get a snack.

"Hey ma." I said opening the fridge to see what we have to eat.

"Get out of there. We are about to go out and eat." She said behind me

"Cool, where are we going? The buffet or no?" I asked 

"Michele's house."

"Oh" was all I said

Not sure how this dinner is going to go, but at least I get to find out who that girl is. Not that I care or anything, I'm just curious to who she is.

"Hey guys come on in. Dinner should be done shortly." Michele said as she motioned for us to come in

"Girls, you can go in the living room and join Austin while your mom and I go and talk." She said pushing us towards the other direction.

"Who's she?" Kai asked me quietly as we walked in and saw Austin and the girl making out. I gave her a shrug as to I don't know.

I cleared my throat to get their attention.

"Is this how you entertain your guest?" Kai asked sarcastically

"My bad, we just got caught up." Austin turned red and shyly smiled. So did the girl.

"Oh um this is Brianna. Brianna they are my neighbors Aniyah and her little sister Kai." He said pointing at us as he said our name.

"Hey, nice to meet you" she smiled widely at us

"You too." I sat down opposite of them with Kai right next to me. 

We sat there in an awkward silence 

"I  don't like her." Kai whispered to me

"You don't even know her." I whispered back

She shrugged me off and started playing with her phone

"So Aniyah, do you go to our school? I don't think I've seen you before." I may not be popular and have lots of friends but I'm not some girl who is at the bottom and not known. I'm just not known to the point where the whole school knows my name, my every move and practically my whole life like the others.

"I can say the same to you." It came off rudely but it wasn't intended. 

"Oh maybe next year we'd see each other" she cheered

"Yeah maybe." 

There goes that awkward silence again

"Um I'll be right back." Austin quickly got up leaving us girls alone

"So you're Austin's girlfriend?" Kai asked

"He hasn't asked me yet, but hopefully I will be." She replied 

"Oh so you're just some girl he's fucking or something?"

"Kai! Sorry I didn't know she can be so rude." I apologized to the girl who is just sitting their with a shocked expression 

"If you must know I haven't had sex with him. " her tone became hard and different so did her expression. I couldn't read what it was. 

"Usually it be the girl not ready, but it's the other way around. Like I have needs that he has yet to meet and I don't know how long I can wait."

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