I woke up to the sun beaming into my room and the light snores of someone next to me. The thoughts of last night flushed into my mind. I had sex with Aniyah. I lost my virginity to the girl next door. To the girl I never thought it would be. To the girl I silently fell for. 

Slight movements from under me brought me out of my thoughts and into the pretty brown eyes I adore.


"Hey." She said softly, snuggling her head into the crook of neck. 

"We had sex last night didn't we?" She asked although it came out muffled. I started to think if she regretted it. It was an in the moment type of thing. She was mad at Robert and probably wasn't thinking. I hope she felt what I did. It was the best night I ever had. I don't even care how girly that sounded. It was something special. 

"Do you regret it ?" 

"No." She said moments after. 

I don't know how I would have took it if she did, because I certainly wouldn't change last night for anything. The only thing left to know is where does this leave us.


"We had sex last night didn't we." I asked Austin.

The moment I woke up it's all that been on my mind. I still can't believe it happened.

"Do you regret it?" Do I regret it? No. Is that a bad thing since I did cheat on Robert. Oh god, I cheated on Robert! I don't take nothing back from what I did. It felt right. It was something amazing we shared. How can I regret it?


"Even if you cheated?" This sounds so terrible.I don't take nothing back from what I did. It felt right. It was something amazing we shared. How can I regret it?

"Nope. Does that me a horrible person?" It does.

"It was just something that happened in the heat of the moment. Don't worry about it."

Is this not even a big deal to him? Wait..! Wasn't he a virgin. How is he so calm about this.

"How are you not slightly not freaking out over this. One: You slept with your best friends girl, two: It was your first time. "

"It wasn't like I planned it. I can't take back what happened."

"Would you if you had the chance?"

"No, I wouldn't" he said sitting up, bringing me along with him to face one another.

"Why did you give it up so easily to me then. I know this was something special to you."

"It felt right." he simply said. I can say the same. Last night felt so natural. Almost as it was supposed to happen.

"Remember what I said before we did it." I thought back to what he had said. He's so sweet.

"I'll treat you like the princess you are. Cater to your every need."

"Make you feel the way you always wanted to feel. Better yet, make you feel like you never felt before."

I never had a guy say those words to me and mean it. Better yet, never had someone say it .

"Yeah, I remember. Do you mean it?"

"I do. Remember the very first thing I said in that moment."

"Then be with me. Whenever you want, I'll be here for you."

"You want me to be with you?"  Do I want to be with him? Do I even like Austin?


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