23. Forever his

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- Two weeks later -

My eyes slowly opened to a pale nose brushing against mine. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion before letting my eyes travel across the face in front of me. Blonde eyebrows and plump, parted, pink lips. Before the horrible day was going to start, I tried to stay in this precious moment.

I tangled my legs with his, our body warmth radiating through our pyjama's. Last night had been a complete horror show. Living in the Malfoy Manor and declaring myself as a follower of Voldemort, a death eater, had been anything but easy. It resulted of, many nights in tears for the both of us.

It broke my heart so see him struggle with himself every day. His mother was the only thing that kept him going these days. He was still sound asleep and in a state of relaxation that wouldn't come to him often. Nightmares had been taunting his mind and body, waking up in screams and cries every time.

I couldn't help but let my fingertips softly strike against his forehead, taking a few pieces of hair before putting them behind his ear. My whole world, the only reason for me to wake up every single day was laying right in front of me but he was crumbling, crumbling under the pain and the pressure.

"Draco?" I whispered while my eyes quickly went from his lips to his own pair of orbs. His eyes shot wide open as if he was in a state of panic. A few seconds went by before he calmed down again, realising he was still in bed, safe. "Good morning baby." He softly murmured, pulling me closer.

His touch still made butterflies erupt in my stomach, that feeling had never faded. I couldn't help but smile while closing my arms around him, trying to keep him as close as possible. "No nightmare?" I whispered, the vibrations from his heart beats going through my chest. "Just a dream." He whispered back, leaving a sloppy kiss on my bare shoulder.

"We have to get up." I let go, moving back so I could take another look at his angelic face. "I don't want to." He whined, brushing his hand through his messy hair. I just giggled before turning around to get myself ready for whatever battles I was going to face today. "Bellatrix is coming back today, right."

A weird uneasy feeling entered my body and I knew exactly why. Just the sound of any name besides Draco's or Narcissa's made my want to vomit all my insides away. Goosebumps rose all over my body when Draco softly mumbled a yes, before disappearing under the covers to get some more sleep.

I tried to keep my  thoughts to my own when I was around him, afraid I would trigger emotions inside of him that would be able to break him in a second. Since I left Hogwarts in such a hurry, I had no personal stuff besides my wand and my robes. I opened the closet and let my eyes wander across the multiple black or greenish dresses that where neatly hanging by order.

I sighed and picked a dress I hadn't worn before, it had probably belonged to Narcissa. I took it of the hanger with undergarments, ready to get a shower. "Goldie?" Draco suddenly called, making me stop in my tracks. I turned around, wearing the sweetest smile I could manage. "I love you." I closed my eyes to hold back tears before quickly walking closer to him.

"I love you to." After a quick peck on his lips I entered our bathroom and got ready, trying not to look at the old-fashioned dress that didn't flatter me at all. My golden locks looked horrible with it and my waist was too small for it to fit. The end of the dress dramatically swept across the floor because of my height, not even revealing any part of my bare feet.

The collar could almost reach my jaw and the lace was incredibly itchy. There was only one good thing about this dress, Draco loved it on me. As soon as I walked out with my face sour, his eyes lit up and he almost jumped out of bed to take a good look at me. "This is so much better than our robes." He grinned, putting his large hands on my hips.

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