8. The Lake

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a/n I added a picture of Nic just for fun but, as always, you can imagine him just the way you like <3


The Saturday morning smelled amazing. I had always been the one to sleep till noon, mornings just aren't my thing. "You missed breakfast!" Greer yelled causing me to grunt. "Stop yelling, I just woke up." "Took you a long time." She sneered making me giggle. While I slowly pried my eyes open, I took in Greer her clothes.

It was the first time I had seen her without her robes and she looked quite funny. She was wearing a brown dress that almost reached her ankles, matched with a white tee. A wide hat hid most of her wavy blonde hair. "Get out of bed. We were supposed to practice our spells and in a few hours there's a quidditch game. Gryffindor against Slytherin."

She sounded excited at the houses that were supposed to play the weird sounding game. "Quidditch?" I mumbled before letting out a loud moan. I slipped my feet off the bed and finally got up, stretching my arms. "You'll see. I think Rune is the new chaser." I raised my eyebrows before grabbing some clothes, getting ready after.

It felt good to wear something comfortable and known. My pink jumper smelled like home and I sure did miss my jeans. We both headed to the common room and found Nicolas reading on one of the wooden chairs near the fireplace. "Nicolas." I smiled while looking over his shoulder. He was reading a muggle book I had seen before.

"Are you seriously reading the little mermaid?" I snickered making his cheeks redden. "I see you have finally awakened from the dead and yes, it's interesting!" He defended, making me smile. "We're going to practice some spells near the lake, want to tag along?" Greer offered and his eyes lit up. "Sure! Wait for me."

He quickly got up and jogged up the stairs, probably getting his wand and books. "He's so cute." I snickered at Greer her remark. "Ask him out." I simply suggested but she was beyond shocked. "No, have you gone mad? He probably likes you." I rolled my eyes and wanted to point out that, that was based on nothing but his footsteps already came closer.

"Let's go." I followed the two down the many stairs and outside, I was greeted with a nice breeze and a clear sky. The days had gone colder since I first arrived so my Hufflepuf scarf, which did not match my sweater at all, kept me warm. We walked through the corridors and sat down near a tree.

Greer quickly grabbed her cup and her wand, before starting to try the spell. "Could you do it last time?" I asked Nicolas who nodded. "Well, not in class but two days ago I managed to fill my cup till the edge." "Great." I complimented softly, feeling slightly jealous.

How was I not able to simply make water appear when back home I could lift up all the furniture in my room without knowing any spells? There has to be a reason. "I can show you?" Nicolas broke the silence between us while interrupting my thoughts.

I nodded and he quickly scooted over, placing his hand on top of mine. He slowly lifted up my wand along with me before doing the motion extremely slow. "Now you." He said and as I was mimicking the movements, I couldn't help but get goose bumps all over me. His warm and soft hands touching mine did something to me.

"Just like that." We both did the motion a few times before I was brave enough to say the spell. All while this was happening, Greer kept sending me these wiggly eyebrows and perverted winks as if she was encouraging me and Nic.

I just wasn't sure about him because to be honest, a certain blonde would not leave my mind, ever. "Aguamenti." I said for the third time and suddenly I saw water filling my cup. Before I caught myself a loud squeal left my lips and I hugged Nic, his hands roaming my waist. I slowly pulled myself away from him, blushing like crazy.

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