4. Common room

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The moment the sorting hat yelled out Hufflepuff, my skin went pale. Not Gryffindor. Not Rune. McGonagall pulled me off the chair and directed me to the cheering table but I didn't feel good about my house. I needed to be with Rune. Before I could process anything, a blonde girl pulled me down to sit and shook my hand.

"I'm Greer!" She said excited before turning to the first years who were being sorted. All I could do was search Rune his eyes but as soon as I caught sight of him, he was chatting with Ron. At that moment it felt like the world stopped.

"May I have your attention please!" Dumbledore stood up and the whole hall went silent. "Welcome to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry!" While Dumbledore held his speech, my eyes began to wander around the room until I noticed the unfamiliar boy I had seen earlier. His eyes seemed dull, but still mesmerizing grey. He was holding his head tiredly until he suddenly caught sight of me. He narrowed his eyes before showing a look of disgust, turning to the girl to his left.

I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at the girl. Her hair was short and intensely black, she was very pretty and I could imagine they would make a great couple. It was obvious that she liked him, her eyelashes fluttering occasionally and her hands touching his arm showed it off.

The loud clapping caused me to be snatched out of my thoughts and to my surprise, Harry walked through the door with Luna. He was holding a cloth against his nose, stained with blood. My eyes followed him before he sat down across Rune and began talking, jealousy gushing through me.

He didn't care about me not being by his side. With a big lump in my throat I looked down at my lap while everyone enjoyed the feast that just appeared. "So Goldie. Why are you only now entering Hogwarts?" Greer asked me interested but I wondered if she really meant it.

"My father didn't want me to go here." I mumbled, not feeling like being friendly at all. Second, I didn't even knew the girl. I wasn't going to just spit out things about my mother. Greer furrowed her eyebrows before sighing. "Why is she even in Hufflepuff." She mumbled. That caught me off guard. Being friendly was a huge trait of this house I figured. Maybe I didn't belong here after all.

The feast was to say the least delicious but I wasn't that hungry. All I wanted right now was to get some sleep. Soon enough we had to follow the head girl of Hufflepuff to a basement close to the kitchens. She showed us some sort of tapping on the wall to make the lid slide open, exposing a passageway where we crawled through to get to the common room.

"There's no way I am going to remember that." "Just ask a passing Hufflepuff and they'll help you for sure." Greer mentioned with a bright smile, as if I had never been rude to her. The round windows pushed through a bright light, coming from the moon. Everything was round and the fireplace heated the place perfectly, making my cheeks redden.

"Let's get to our dorms." Greer said and I quietly followed her to the dormitories. "I sleep here and that bed is yours." "Thanks." I said softly sbefore noticing my owl. I widened my eyes and walked over to the cage, surprised by the gorgeous animal.

"You should bring it to the Owlery." Greer curiously mentioned while peeking over my shoulder to see the owl. It suddenly screeched, making me stumble back.

I then nodded to end the conversation, not wanting to talk with her right now. We both quietly unpacked our trunks and a few seconds later a white cat hopped onto my bed. "That's Cassie." I smiled and shortly patted her before she wandered off, probably searching for something to eat.

"I'm going to bring her to the Owlery. See you." I said without looking her into her eyes, leaving the dorm. A few people where sitting on the comfy chairs, reading a book near the fire place. Without drawing anyone's attention I slipped threw the corridor and quickly wandered off.

I had no idea where to go but I just needed to get out of that suffocating space. I knew I wasn't in the right to treat Greer like that but everything made me furious right now. I had been walking for a few minutes and suddenly I heard a few girls giggle. They where approaching me and I recognized the black short hair from one of the girls.

With my best fake smile I walked up to them and stopped before them, causing them to all stop in their tracks. "Hi. Eh. Do you know where the Owlery is?" I nervously asked before admiring the beautiful green on their ties. The blonde girl suddenly laughed loudly, causing me to blush.

Did I say something wrong? "Pansy let's go. Who does this Hufflepuff thinks she is?" The brunette next to her sneered before walking away as well. Pansy raised her eyebrows before giving me a fake smile. "You're new here, aren't you?" I couldn't tell if she was being nice or not so I just nodded. With an eye roll she pushed pass me, causing me drop my owl's cage.

"Excuse me? Weren't you going to say sorry?" I snapped after carefully picking it up, not wanting to take any crap from anyone tonight. This had been the shittiest night and I didn't care if she was his girlfriend or a Slytherin, she had no right to push past me like that.

"You sure you belong to Hufflepuff? You have quite a big mouth for that house." She snapped, her eyes spitting fire. "I like that better than a little crybaby." Pansy suddenly added before smirking proudly while putting her hands on her hips. "It's on the west tower." Before I could say anything, she walked away. Her two friends surprised by her handling.

My hands and legs where shaking from that encounter. I was terrified and my breaths where uneven. I wasn't used to having that much adrenaline rush through my blood but I decided I had to hurry and get back to the common room.

It took me a full hour to finally figure out where the hell the west tower was. This school appeared to be a moving maze, literally. The stairs moved every time I just wanted to walk up. I had figured out a name for my owl, Athena. I had always loved such ancient Greek names. She quickly flew onto her place and closed her eyes, ready to sleep.

I smiled at the adorable sight before walking away again, the night extremely cold. The way back to my dorm was a lot easier until I walked to the basements and a low and slow voice stopped me. "Miss Dove? May I ask you why you are out of bed." I got goosebumps all over my body before I turned around, facing Snape and the blonde boy.

"I got lost bringing my owl to the Owlery." I honestly confessed, wondering why Professor Snape was talking to a student so late. "Draco. Go to the common room." Snape said in a monotone voice, causing Draco to quickly walk off. So that was his name. Draco. It sounded just as mysterious as his appearance. "You have to realize that it is unacceptable to roam the halls this late." "I realize." I said dropping my head. "One week detention at the defense against dark arts classroom. Now get to back to bed!"

Without saying another word, I almost ran off, not wanting to be in his presence any longer. He was incredibly creepy and I didn't like talking to him either. "Fantastic." I sarcastically cheered because of me getting detention on the first day. I crawled through the corridor and quickly walked to our dorm, trying not to wake any one up.

I changed into my pyjama's before hopping into bed, being as restless as ever. I couldn't sleep at all, my mind still trying to process all this magic. "Why are you back so late." Greer suddenly whispered, causing me to jump. "Bloody hell." I mumbled, holding my heart. "Got lost." "Oh." With that she turned around, going back to sleep I thought.

I had this burning question that I just had to ask her. "Greer? Who's the blonde haired boy who sat at the Slytherin table I believe?" Greer suddenly turned around and looked at me right in the eyes. "That's Draco Malfoy but he's extremely rude to everyone, even his girlfriend Pansy Parkinson." Ouch, that hurt. "So he does has a girlfriend?" I mumbled to myself, thinking about Pansy.

"Okay. Goodnight Greer."
"Goodnight Goldie."

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