11. Luna-tic Christmas

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"I'll see you in a few days." Greer hugged me tight before stepping aside, watching me get into the Hogwarts Express. She decided to stay here with Nicolas, since she felt bad about leaving him behind.

I on the other hand, was dying to see father. "Love." I mumbled, picking at my nails. "That can't be it." I was still in denial after what Greer had said. I mean, I haven't fallen in love before but, I'm supposed to know when I love someone. Right?

With my head full with troubling thoughts, as always, I found an empty compartment and sat down. Rune told me he had to take care of something so I patiently waited for him, reading the Daily Prophet that was laying on the couches.

When we first arrived at Hogwarts I didn't know that the Quibbler wasn't seen as a 'normal' newspaper and that most of the articles in it were a lot of unseen and weird things. At least that's what everyone was telling me.

I really like the Quibbler and Luna, even though she is dreamy and weird sometimes. A smile danced on my lips when I looked up to see Rune and Luna, hand in hand. "She's staying with us for Christmas!"

I furrowed my eyebrows before nodding, giving Luna a quick smile. "Didn't you want to go home to your parents?" Luna slowly sat down before, looking at me. "My mother died experimenting with spells when I was nine, so I only have my father. He had to go to The Ministry of Magic. It has something to do with the Quibbler that I can't tell you about."

I nodded while trying to contain my curiosity, my eyes switching to a quite nervous Rune. "Well, I'm really glad you're coming along with us." I offered her another smile before sitting back in my seat, watching the landscaping go by.

Rune and Luna had been talking about everything and anything for an hour straight, while I just stared out of the window deeply in thought. With a strong force the compartment door was opened and when Rune and Luna fell silent, I turned around.

There he was once again, we hadn't talked since he helped me in the library and he looked rather different. He was wearing his black suite again but, if that was even possible, he looked more exhausted than ever.

"Dove." He said in a low voice, his grey eyes scanning mine. I was frozen in my seat but this time I felt different. I didn't want to be slow and cautious around him, I wanted to grab his pretty little face and kiss him.

I was startled because of myself so I stayed silent, just looking at him. "Letter for your father." He stepped into the compartment with Luna and Rune watching his every move. I took the letter out of his hand before he abruptly turned around and walked away.

"What just happened." Rune growled, tensing up immediately. "He knows you?" I rolled my eyes at his stupid behaviour. "You asked Hermione to look out for me." I spat, raising my eyebrows. "You knew that I was talking to him so don't act foolish." He was taken back for a second, Luna watching us argue with a faint, dreamy smile.

It really didn't seem like she was actually paying attention, she was probably day dreaming about something odd. "All he's ever been is rude to Hermione, Ron and Harry. Why do you even think about talking to him? Let alone, actually getting to know h-"

"Just stop." I almost yelled, leaving the room with an uncomfortable silence. "You can hang out with whoever you want so why can't I? I mean you are basically the key chain of the famous trio and you are telling me about who I can and cannot talk to."

"Key chain?" I could tell he was getting furious, his cheeks were even getting red. "They are my friends and I am not their key chain!" He actually screamed while getting up from his seat, making me back down.

Luna was now staring at him in surprise as well, making this situation not any better. "Fine. I'm sorry for saying that, I was just mad." I quickly said, getting up to walk away. With the letter in my hand I left the compartment to find the restrooms, needing some space for myself.

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