2. Diagon Alley

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Days had passed since Dumbledore visited us. Rune was more than excited but I, I didn't want to go. "Goldie. I have to say, this is an opportunity that you'll never get again. " "But father, You will be here all alone, no one to help you when you are sick. No one to make you smile when you are sad."

"That doesn't matter. You have to put yourself first for once. Think about your future, think about all the wonderful things you will learn on Hogwarts! I know how much you love to read and learn."

I thought about that, it was a new opportunity. I got to learn new things and read new books. "Please write me every day." I pleaded as father smiled and hugged me tightly, the embrace feeling familiar and comforting.

"Just one day left before you go so Goldie, go pack your trunk. Tomorrow we will visit Diagon Alley to get all your supplies. Go on." Father insisted while I got up the stairs. "What should I bring?" I wondered and pulled out the huge trunk Dumbledore left us.

I started packing tons of clothes and books, until an old stuffed animal caught my attention. "Whiskers." I giggled and grabbed the tiny owl, which only had one eye due to the fights me and Rune used to have about it.

"Goldie! Dinner's ready."

The next day

"We'll have to use the muggle passage." "The what?" Rune asked father. The hour drive to London made Rune even more excited but most, noisy. "The normal way." Father corrected himself. I knew dad loved the wizarding world with every bit of his heart, the way his eyes would glister was totally betraying him.

"Sorry. I'm getting all worked up about this." He snickered at his own choise of words. "So a muggle is a person without the ability to use magic?" I asked him while we entered the Leaky Cauldron. It was very warm and dark inside, it made me sleepy at instant.  "Are you guys hungry?" "No! Let's go to the secret place!" Rune whined loudly, making me sigh in annoyance.

I couldn't keep my eyes of my father. Him talking about this whole new world as if it had been just yesterday that he left it, was magical.

The little pub was almost empty and nobody seemed to even notice us. We entered through the back of the building but suddenly we bumped into a brick wall. "What's this ?" I asked while pointing to the wall. "Just wait." He grinned while grabbing an wooden stick out of his pocket.

"Have you been carrying that piece of wood the whole time?" Rune asked him almost sounding offended. "This is called a wand, Rune." Father started to tap onto the bricks in a pattern while I began to look lost. "I have to inform you two. Things aren't what they used to be. Followers of he who must not be named have attacked diagon alley and many shops aren't open. Dumbledore has already got a hold of two wands, a cat and an owl along with books."

This was all too much! I knew that if somebody would be watching us right now, we'd all be sent to an mental asylum.

My thoughts where interrupted by an ear deafening sound and while my eyes where squinted shut, Rune gasped. "This is not possible!" He called out which made me gently open my eyes. "Wow." I gasped, behind the brick wall was now dark alley with a few people walking around.

This wasn't what father had told us earlier, about the magic world. He who must not be named really is a dark wizard.

We began to walk down the path and I looked at all the shops, black from fire and glass laying anywhere. My eyes suddenly shot to a yellow shop, the only shop that seemed to be open or at least, happy to be open. It looked like a fun shop and I couldn't wait to take a look.

"You need to go and fit some robes. I'll come back within a few minutes because I need to get some money from Gringotts." Me and Rune where looking at him like he had become lunatic. "Oh I mean the bank! Now stop staring at me and go!" He laughed before giving us a little push.

We both walked into the shop and a scared little lady shot up from behind her desk, sighing when she saw us. "Are you here to fit your new robes?" We both nodded while I looked at the robes on the mannequins. There where four different colors, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. The Green looked pretty.

"Which house are you two in?" I looked at her with surprise. House? The school was supposed to be a castle right? "They haven't been sorted yet." Father suddenly walked in causing the women give us a strange look before telling us to follow her. It took us more than an hour for us to leave the shop. The lady looked quite nervous but I didn't blame her in these times.

We got our robes and Rune couldn't stop whining about wanting to enter the fun shop We went in and where greeted by tons and tons of people trying everything out, from candy to magical objects.It was unlike anything I had ever seen.

We could pick one thing so Rune and I began our journey through the shop. I slowly walked up the stairs, looking around for anything that I liked. Suddenly, two identical boys appeared in front of me, making me scream. They where tall and the bright color of their hair almost hurt my eyes.

"Never seen you before." One of them stated but I was still shocked of them just appearing out of thin air. "Y-Yeah. I am new to this." They looked surprised before the other twin started to talk. "Here take a sweet." With furrowed eyebrows I grabbed the little candy until someone quickly took it out of my hand. "Leave the poor girl, Fred and George!" The girl yelled, making the twins snicker.

"Nothing personal." They said in union before walking away. "I'm sorry. They love to prank every one. I'm Hermione Granger." I looked up at the pretty girl before shaking her hand. "Goldie Dove." "Are you new here?" She asked me, walking along through the shop.

"First year attending Hogwarts. At sixteen." I laughed, quite nervous to screw up in her presence. She seemed so cool. "You'll love Hogwarts, you could get sorted into Gryffindor so we could even share a dorm!" Hermione started to talk and talk but I was still stuck with that word.

What was Gryffindor? "Oh. There are my friends. See you at the Hogwarts Express!" With that she disappeared, leaving me alone again. This was way to confusing. I wandered around for a bit until I saw a cage full of, what looked like, fur balls until I came closer and noticed they were alive.

Pygmy Puffs they were called and they looked adorable but I knew that I'd rather have candy than another being to take care off. I chose some glow in the dark bubblegum before we left the shop, heading home.

"Thanks for everything." I smiled at dad as we walked through the leaky cauldron. "No problem Goldie." He smiled down at me before we got into our car and where welcomed into the normal world, once again.

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