15. The leather sofa

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a/n I JUST DID THE PATRONUS QUIZ ON POTTERMORE AND HOLY SHIT IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL QUIZ I HAVE EVER EVER TAKEN. WOW. I got a Swift by the way, the kind of bird everyone tattoo's on their collarbone and shoulder? Tris Prior style in Divergent. I am beyond happy with the result. If you've done the quiz as well, pleaaase tell me in the comments what yours is bc im curious like that (:
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Once the Hogwarts Express came to a stop, I was the first to exit the compartments. I dragged my trunk through the halls and quickly stepped outside of the train, my eyes scanning through the crowd, just to find Hufflepuff house colours.

With my eyes still on the crowd I approached the area where all the trunks where left but suddenly I noticed two teenagers, hand in hand, searching the crowd just like me. The trunk fell as if it was set into slow motion, I left the train behind me and picked up my pace. The wind pushed my long, wavy golden locks back.

I could see her bright yellow and black scarf dance in the wind while holding hands with Nic. I didn't care. I didn't feel a thing. All I wanted was to reach her and feel comfort, just as I felt when I first got here and first made friends with her. "Greer." I cried out, my eyes watering. I pretended that it was because of the wind, but only a few people knew exactly why.

She gave me the brightest smile any human could ever wear and I could feel myself finding a new home, not a place or a building but people and feelings. Our body crashed together and people stopped to watch us but I didn't care. Finally, I was able to feel her everlasting joy again.

I wanted to stay in the time where she didn't know about death, pain and most importantly details on Draco so I decided to stay there. "Don't cry because of me silly." She giggled, quickly wiping away a tear that rolled down my cheek.

I let out a soft laugh, almost startling myself because of this forgotten sound. I stepped back and took a look at them holding hands. They looked amazing together and without thinking I walked over to Nicolas as well, pushing away all the crap that filled our friendship before the winter break.

It seemed as if those silly arguments now where absolutely meaningless. Things much bigger were going on and I had become a part of something huge so there was no time to hold any kind of grudge. Nicolas gladly accepted the warming hug so I assumed he felt the same without knowing what had changed my mind so drastically.

"Did you guys have fun here at Hogwarts?" I asked, trying to keep the conversation from going about me. I had to keep this act, like everything had been completely fine. We all approached the carriages and for a second I stopped. I thought I had just seen a completely black horse, or horse? It looked more like a reptile then a horse.

"Did you just see that?" "See what?" Greer asked, coming to a stop. I fluttered my eyelashes before taking another look at the carriages. "Never mind." I mumbled with furrowed eyebrows, quickly getting in the carriage. "We had a lot of fun, going to Hogsmeade and having the common room to ourselves." Nic smirked, making Greer blush.

"I'm glad." I breathed out, sinking in my seat. Every time my brain wanted to take a trip to memory lane and remind me of the most horrific Christmas and winter break of my entire life, I closed my eyes and made my mind entirely blank.

Just push it away, I kept telling myself. "Was it fun to spend time with Loony?" Nicolas snickered, making Greer give him an elbow to his side. "What, I-" He said in surprise before I interrupted the married couple. "Was it fun to spend time with Greer? Isn't there something you have to tell me?"

I smirked, making the couple uncomfortably switch in their seats. "It was fun, we figured some things out and got over some old issues. Like you." Greer honestly explained making me furrow my eyebrows. "Me?" I laughed off, the thought of them getting over me made me snicker.

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