9. Cursed

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The month December came around the corner fairly quick, the few months basically going by in a blur. Nicolas and I didn't really talk about the argument. All we did was have a forced conversation in Potions since we are paired up there.

I spent a lot of time at the library, mostly writing father and making homework. The lessons were getting easier for me, as if I had finally got the basics. Rune and I had been talking more these months and it did me good.

He was something so familiar and I just really needed him in my life. It was an early Sunday morning and girls chatting woke me up. Today Greer and I had been invited by Ron, Harry, Hermione and Rune to go to Hogsmeade.

It is the first time I have ever gone since homework or quidditch would more often occupy my weekends. I was excited to go though, probably more excited to go out with Rune than anything else.

Things between me and Greer had been a little bit weird since the argument and I gave her every right to choose Nic and be around him, but she didn't. She was a loyal friend, a loyal Hufflepuff and more that I deserved from her. Things did stay weird.

The snow had creeped upon Hogwarts these months. Out of nowhere a thick layer greeted all the students and I loved it. The thick jumpers and scarfs that we wore, all house related. Malfoy's condition seemed to go downhill as the weeks passed.

The dark circles under his eyes became bigger every night but he did manage to give me a soft nod, not the glare or sneer I was used to. Every single time he'd look at me with those grey eyes, shivers went through me and a light blush appeared on my cheeks before I would hesitantly offer a smile.

I pulled my jumper over my head and strapped my feet in warm boots, making sure that I was all set for the winter weather. With my thoughts at Malfoy I wandered down the stairs and spotted Greer waiting for me. "Let's go." I mumbled as I passed her, walking to the passageway.

"Goldie, wait." A hand stopped me in my tracks, making me turn around slowly. I was not expecting Nicolas so I froze and didn't say anything. "I wanted to talk about-" "But I don't." I harshly told him, standing my ground.

"Come on Goldie, give him a chance. It's been three months." Greer softly added, knowing not to get my angry on this. "I thought friendship was highly valued at Hufflepuff." I sneered at Nicolas. "You have not acted like my friend and I have plans right now so, find some other time to try and convince me of you being worthy of my time."

I said and abruptly turned around before starting to walk to the great hall, were everyone was probably already waiting for us. I noticed that Greer had joined me without a word and I was thankful for that, only wanting to have a good time right now.

"They're here." Ron said with a grin on his face before I nodded, my facial expression not changing. "Let's go then." Harry suggested and the group followed, all on their way for some butterbeer.

Rune walked besides me, giving me a push when I didn't notice him. "The butterbeers are amazing there, I'll pay for you." I gave him a weak smile, thinking about the grudge I was holding against Nicolas.

Rune let out a huge sigh, trying to capture my attention. "Do you still fancy Luna?" I said extra loud, making sure every single one of us could hear what I said. They all turned silent before erupting into giggles and whispers.

"You little-" "He does!" Ron quickly interrupted Rune, causing the two to have a little wrestling battle in the snow. "Bring it Weasly!" I couldn't help but laugh at the amazing sight of Rune losing for once.

We continued talking while the boys caught up to us a few minutes later and I decided to ask Rune again, very serious this time. "Luna has been very, how do I put this, dreamy lately." "Lately? I think that's her all the time."

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