5. Requirement

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The next morning I received my Hufflepuff tie and badge before slowly putting on my uniform. Today the first day of class would start and I was excited to finally learn something about magic. At breakfast I couldn't help but peek to the Slytherin table once in a while, watching Draco slowly eat. He seemed deep in thought and all I could think about how gorgeous he was, even when he did nothing.

Greer and I had been normally talking, nothing too friendly but it was a start. Soon enough we had our first class and it was Herbology. Even by the name of it, I could tell that it was going to be my least favorite subject. We had the class with the Gryffindors and I was paired up with a guy named Neville Longbottom. He seemed very nervous, almost more nervous than me.

I had introduced myself to Ms Sprout and she seemed nice, I recognized her from last night I think. Neville was quite funny and extremely well at the subject, causing me to thank the lord for being partners with him. "You are Rune's sister right? I'm in Gryffindor as well." I widened my eyes at that statement. He? He was in Gryffindor?

He had barely finished his sentence before tripping over a loose tile in the greenhouse. I smiled at him before helping him up and took a look at the strange plant which was moving. "I'll be taking the advance class next week." "That's awesome." I smiled, watching how the plant moved strangely. "I'm just trying out different classes to see which one I'll take."

"Do you like Herbology?" Neville asked quite enthusiastic making me weakly smile. "Ehm. To be honest? The plants creep me out." I laughed nervously, trying to avoid a root touching me. "Really? That's something that's uncommon, a Hufflepuff that doesn't like Herbology." He snickered before grabbing some fertilizer, carefully putting it in the pot.

The plant immediately calmed down and it seemed as if it liked Neville's presence, making me watch him carefully, trying to follow his actions. The hour slowly finished and as I said goodbye to Neville, I grabbed my class schedule.

I had Potions next and I saw that it was taught in the dungeons. I loved the dark hallways of this school that I could wander through, my attention everywhere. I watched some Slytherin's walk through the hallways like their home and deep, deep down. I wanted to do that too.

It didn't really feel like home here nor in my house.

I was being selfish, wishing to be in any house but Hufflepuff. I know. I just couldn't accept my house and for now, I was much happier walking around other parts of the castle than our common room. Since Potions was about to start, I quickly turned around the corner and spotted the classroom, students exiting it as well.

"Rune!" I called out, seeing his familiar face. "Hey Goldie." He smiled before stopping in his tracks. "Could you come to the Owlery tonight?" His smile dropped as quick as it came and I could already feel it coming. "I'm sorry Goldie. I promised Dean to help him with Ginny."

I fluttered my eyelashes in surprise, shivers going down my spine. "It's fine. See you around." I mumbled, walking past him into the classroom. "Goldie wait!" He called out but I didn't want to turn around and show him my disappointed face. That caused me to keep my eyes low and walk straight a head.

Suddenly two arms grabbed my shoulders and stopped me from walking. I assumed it was Rune but to my surprise, it was Harry. "Watch where you're going Goldie." Was all he said before taking Rune with him, hearing his voice fade away as they walked.

I sat down and it seemed that I had Potions with the Ravenclaws, suddenly realizing there was only one Hufflepuff in the classroom. He was very tall with light brown hair, his green eyes watching me when I sat down next to him. He didn't say a word so I kept my mouth shut as well, watching Professor Slughorn smile at the students.

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