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Nine months later.

My arms wrapped in white lace travelled across my frame. It felt strange to dress up in a dress like this, never had I once imagined a marriage for myself. When I was young I wanted to travel the world, not bind myself to another person for life. This sudden act had been desperate. The actions on getting rid of were getting worse with every day that passed.

We were running out of ideas and so there was only one left. The altar. I hated that this all wasn't just an act of love. I knew that it was honest but it was so rushed and I hated every second of it. The long rusty mirror showed my figure and I had lost weight, my hips sticking out disturbingly.

I was too anxious to eat these days, anxious of the war that they were planning alongside me. They were carefully planning death on the table where I sat and there was nothing I could do without bringing danger to myself or Draco. We had discovered a brand-new beginning, a new life two weeks ago, but all I could think was the mess that it would arrive in.

Draco refused to not have it. I kept calling it, it. I had made a human with the love of my life but I had no time nor energy to appreciate it. That simple fact drove him crazy. Nobody knew besides us two. I didn't want to tell a single soul, afraid that would mean my certain death. I tried to push away the image of his eyes lighting up at my trembling voice, telling him that I was pregnant.

So young, barely seventeen. I was too busy figuring out how to keep myself alive, let alone taking care of another actual human being. He couldn't understand, he didn't want to understand. He was so happy, his hugs warm and tight. My heart didn't flutter at this act, no, it trembled. Shook of fear.

I took a step and carefully studied the side of my body, my baby belly slightly showing. Nobody will notice, I kept telling myself. The door slowly creaked open and it revealed Draco in a dark green suit. My eyes shot to his and he gave me a soothing smile before carefully closing the door behind him. "It's bad luck to see each other before the ceremony." "Any kind of luck doesn't work for us."

I rolled my eyes before turning back to the mirror. "Do you think they'll notice?" I put my hands on my stomach, softly caressing it. "They won't. You're even thinner than two weeks ago, you need to start eating or else you'll kill him." I shot my head around and widened my eyes. "Him?" His eyes widened as well before he looked away, embarrassed.

"I want a boy." He murmured, trying to hide his blushed cheeks. I took a step towards him while bringing my hands up to his face. I softly pulled him to me, so he looked into my eyes. "I'm scared." I whispered, my eyes beginning to water. "I am too." He shushed me, pulling me into his chest. "The wedding starts in ten minutes. I have to go." He mumbled, softly pulling me away.

"I'm sorry that none of your family or friends could be here today." He said clearly before taking the time to put a loving kiss on my for head, leaving afterwards. Narcissa walked in not a second later and helped me with the last preparations without a single word. I couldn't figure her out, was she okay with this?

"Do you want us to marry?" I suddenly asked while she put my long golden hair into a messy bun, attaching de vail after. It stayed silent for a while before she finally spoke up. "I don't think that now is the right time." "When will it be then? After the war? Where I will most likely end up dead." I said in a breath, causing her to take a step back.

"Don't say those words." She hissed, returning to my hair. "It's the truth." I growled, making her sigh. "I won't let you or Draco die. You two are my responsibility. My family." She slowly said, as if it was hard for her to say. My heart stopped at that moment. She had just called me her family. Without another word I got up and hugged her, her tall figure completely stiffing up.

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