14. Burning traces

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Two days later

The same five worst seconds of my life kept replaying in my mind. When I laid in bed, when I showered even when I was watching television. I also couldn't stop thinking about Rune's face when Draco and I arrived back home. He knew.

Luna her father demanded her to come home the day after, leaving Rune in an even worse state. All I could do was stare into the distance, while the same scene was on replay. Details made everything even worse.

Right there and then, everything went incredibly fast but now that I was thinking about it I noticed details. Like how I could have stopped Voldemort in any possible way or how stupid I was for not bring my wand.

We left in such a rush, I tried to tell myself but the ache in my heart didn't lessen. I had no time to say goodbye. No time to tell him how much he actually meant to me, way more than he probably knew.

My whole foundation and youth disappeared and so did the house. Rune barely left his room and when he did he grabbed anything that was able to be seen as 'food' before he'd just go upstairs again. The kitchen was a mess and all the traces of father made it unbearable to clean anything up.

The way his shoes where messily thrown across the hall whenever he'd take them off. Or his jumper laid on the couch. While I was seated on the couch, my body extremely tensed, I zoned out and began reliving last night.

The second Draco had set foot on the ground, Rune and Luna ran towards us with the most terrified faces I had ever seen them make. "What happened?" Rune completely ignored the fact that his 'enemy' was standing right in front of him and switched gazes from me to Malfoy.

"I-I-I tried." I was unable to talk normally trough my sobs and tears. "Voldemort and d-death eaters." I stuttered while slowly lifting up my arm, the uncompleted dark mark still clearly visible on my arm. Luna let out a small cry while Rune harshly grabbed my arm.

"Did your family set this up? You filthy-" Rune pointed his finger towards Draco, who looked like he was about to cry any second. "N-No!" I yelled, letting out a loud sob afterwards. "Draco helped us. Father and I." I slowly said before burying my face in my hands.

"Where's father." Rune suddenly realised that someone was missing. "He's-He's dead." Draco softly confessed after I completely lost it. I collapsed on the ground and blacked out. The next thing I remember is blonde hairs tickling my neck while I was carried up the stairs. The second I felt my soft and comfortable bed I drifted off to a light and restless sleep.

A single tear fell down my cheek and I quickly wept it away when someone harshly knocked on the door. I slowly got up and opened it, revealing Dumbledore. I couldn't even bare to smile so I just stepped aside, assuming he already heard what happened.

Rune curiously walked down the stairs, the bags under his eyes almost black. With a long silence I began to make some tea, struggling not to touch anything that belonged to father. After ten minutes I walked back with the tray and carefully put it down on the table where he went to sit.

Nobody had said a word until I sat down as well and Dumbledore smiled at us. He travelled his eyes towards my arm, where I had wrapped some bandage around. I bit my lip before slowly unwrapping the bandage, flinching at the burning pain that went through my arm.

As soon as I revealed the irritated dark mark Dumbledore nodded in pity. "It'll fade." "I know." I mumbled before quickly putting the bandage on. When I was done I looked up at him again while he held his hands together.

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