12. Malfoy Manor

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"So what you are saying is that Draco Malfoy used the spell Obliviate on you but even though he did that to you, you still think that he's trying to protect you by telling you not to come to a dinner?"

I rolled my eyes and said yes, for the fourth time this hour. "It just seems a little bit off." "Lucius Malfoy is a little bit off! The whole family!" That's why I like him. I ignored my own annoying thoughts before continuing.

"What do you think mom would think if she'd give her life for us and then you willingly go to a dinner with a family that is known for being on the dark side?" Father shut his eyes this time, thinking deeply.

"I have to go because of work. So just follow Draco's, not exactly suggestions, but follow his advice and don't come with me Goldie." I nodded but secretly I wanted to go there. I just didn't want father to go.

Days passed since father and I had talked about the dinner and the haunting evening came closer and closer every night. It was like my joy for Christmas was taken away, bit by bit. The morning was filled with tense conversations.

Rune and Luna knew they weren't invited so they didn't really worry about it. They were way too busy with being more than friends. Father looked very tired these last days, as if he wasn't sleeping well.

I could figure out a reason why. We all sat down for a big and delicious breakfast which we had cooked together an hour before. "Could you pass me the salt?" I asked father who was so tired that he grabbed the syrup and passed me that without looking twice.

"Thanks." I mumbled before Luna quickly passed me the salt, giving me a sweet smile. I felt my stomach turn at the sight of father sighing in distress. "Don't go." I suddenly said, grabbing his arm. His eyes shot up to mine before he gave me a sympathetic smile.

"Don't worry about me. You need to stay safe, I'll be fine." He assured before getting up, slowly walking off. "Rune, you have got to talk to him." I cried out, biting my lower lip out of stress. "He's a grown man, a dinner won't kill him."

I sighed loudly, giving him a glare. "Lucius Malfoy is a deatheater Rune!" I hissed, making him and Luna watch me with wide eyes. "He said that he was under the influence of the Imperious curse when they sent him to trial for being a deatheater but he was lying."

"How do you know this." Luna asked with a soft voice, watching me carefully. "Hermione." Rune nodded understandingly before furrowing his eyebrows. "I'll try to talk to him." "Thanks." I smiled at him before getting up as well, reminding myself of the pile of homework that I still needed to finish.

The day went on way to slow. I just wanted to be in my bed already, sleeping without a worry. I finished my Potions essay on Amortentia just after dinner and to freshen myself up, I took a quick shower. Rune had managed to convince father of not going so I had a calm shower, softly singing a song.

Within five minutes I was done and grabbed my comfy pyjama's until the ring of a bell caught my attention. With a towel wrapped around me I slowly walked down the stairs, staying out of sight to eavesdrop.

"An escort?" I heard father mumble and my heart stopped. "My daughter isn't feeling so well." I shut my eyes at that lie, please make them believe. "Fine. We'll be out in ten minutes." I shot up from the stairs and ran to the door when I knew it was shut. "You're kidding, right?" I was full on panicking right now.

"No. They got us an escort and they insist on you to come with me." Father sighed and looked at his grey socks. "I can't afford to lose my job." He mumbled making my stomach turn. "We'll just go." The sides of my mouth went down and I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes.

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