6. Oblivious

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"She doesn't remember anything?" A loud voice made my ears sting, my eyes not ready to adjust to the bright lights all around me. "I don't remember what?" I mumbled confused while I finally managed to open my eyes.

Rune was staring right down at me with a worried expression on his face. Almost instantly I remembered what had happened at Potions and after I had detention, I went to the library. Right? "So now I'm suddenly interesting to you?" I sneered at Rune, quickly sitting up straight.

"Goldie, you were found laying on a hospital bed this morning and Miss Pomfrey said that you can't remember what happened." "I can't." Rune sighed before taking my hand, causing me to shiver. "I'm really sorry that I was too busy with everything else but you." I closed my eyes again, trying to take in everything he was saying. "Just leave." "But-" "Leave!"

Rune quickly nodded before storming off, making my head ache. What the hell happened to me? "Miss Dove? I want you to take this and sleep the headache off, you'll be fine to get back to your dorm tonight." I sighed before getting comfortable again, quickly gulping down the sour drink that Madam Pomfrey had given me. Just a couple seconds later my eyelids became heavy and before I knew it, I was fast asleep.

"Goddammit, you are way too heavy." I whimpered from the harsh tugging at my ankles, they were burning. I tried to speak or move but it felt like I was made out of stone. My eyes felt incredibly dry, as if they had been open for a while now. I couldn't be dead, could I? Panic washed over me and all I wanted to do was scream but I couldn't. It was impossible to see who was tugging me down this unknown hall but the voice did sound familiar.

"Oh my god." I shot up straight before Greer ran to my bed, her eyes wide in fear. "Are you okay?" She almost yelled, grabbing my shoulders. Then I realized I had just said that, out loud. I faintly nodded while laying back down. Someone used a spell on me, a student used a spell on me! I guess it did its job since I can't remember what had happened to me before that, but the spell could be perfected.

I knew that what I had been dreaming about earlier was reality, there was no other explanation. "You sure I don't have to go get Madam Pomfrey?" "No." I said in a stern tone. "She did bring you here last night, you were fast asleep and she didn't want to wake you." My eyes shortly travelled to Greer, she was all done in her robes, as if she was ready to leave for class.

"Class is starting?" Greer nodded while sitting back down on her own bed, her bag hitting the ground. "Could you wait for me. We have Charms together." "Sure." She smiled kindly and I was really glad she did because I could use a kind smile right now. With small steps I entered the bathroom to get myself cleaned up. In no time I had put on my robes even though my head was still pounding.

All I could think about was about my dream and what I was supposed to do with the new information. Together we silently left the common room which was completely empty. "I'm sorry I made you late." "Its fine Goldie, Professor Flitwick will understand." She assured me while we walked down the stairs.

"I'm really sorry about my attitude, I was in no right to treat you as shitty as I did." I almost mumbled, feeling incredibly guilty about my selfish behaviour towards her. "Don't worry about it. I understand that it must be rough to make a new start around here. Just so you know, I'm your friend." I let out a relieved sigh before smiling at her for the first time.

"Talking about friends, Nicolas Clear asked around about you." A bright red crossed my cheeks, causing Greer to squeal. "Don't tell me you've got him in your grasp already! It's your third day." I rolled my eyes before taking a left. "I guess we are just friends? I don't know, I just met him!" I admitted with a giggle before the classroom was in sight.

"Don't be nervous, I'll do the talking." I opened the classroom door and Professor Flitwick stopped mid-sentence before the whole class turned heads. Greer quickly began to rant and even I had difficulty's keeping up with her. "It's fine Miss Daniels, please just take a seat." And luckily he waved us off.

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