1. The unfamiliar visitors

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My eyelashes fluttered slowly while my eyes adjusted to the light room. "Rune?" I called out, the silhouette of my twin brother quickly getting up from the end of my bed. "Finally. Dad has been talking to an old man all morning, he just suddenly appeared in our living room while I was drinking my tea!"

"Could it be-" "Headmaster Dumbledore? Yes!" Rune and I had found weird letters from someone called Albus Dumbledore who was the headmaster of a magic school called Hogwarts.

"Goldie, I hear more voices. What in the bloody hell is going on." Rune laid his ear against the wooden door before pulling me out of bed. "Put something decent on so we can go downstairs." "What! I'm not going downstairs to all those-"

"Goldie, come on and be brave." With a sigh I jumped out of bed and dressed myself. "What if they are some kind of murderers who have come to kill us all, I'm not like you Rune. I am not brave." Rune shot me a look before he dragged me down the creaking stairs.

"-Samuel, I know you have lost your wife to the magic world but you have got to give your kids a chance to get an education."

"They are home schooled Dumbledore. I don't want to watch them go in the upcoming war."

"Mister Dove. That makes it all more important for your children to know what to do in the magical world."

"Mad eye, that's the point. I don't want them to be involved with the magical world!"

"There are two children eaves dropping."

A man with a rather strange eye suddenly turned around and it felt like he was staring right through me. A strong meow caught my attention but as soon as the cat appeared, she changed into a woman. A tall but skinny woman grabbed us by our ears and pushed us into the room.

"Hello Rune and Goldie." Dumbledore kindly greeted us while the women behind us still held our ears. "You can let them go Minerva." The stern looking women walked away from us to Dumbledore but kept her gaze upon us. "I am-" "Albus Dumbledore. We know." Rune stated which made me give him a look.

"Yes, yes." He snickered. "We found weird letters from you, inviting us to some sort of school. Is this was this is about?" "Rune! -" I hissed at his rude behavior. "We don't know these people." My brown eyes were focused on the ground while I didn't dare to look up to any of the strange people in our living room.

"Goldie?" I shivered at Mister Dumbledore calling my name. "Yes sir." "Have you read the letters too?" I was scared to admit the truth, scared to hurt my father. "Yes, sir." I pushed out, giving an apologizing look. "So you know that you are a witch and you are a wizard?"

I couldn't help but search my father's eyes, trying to find any assurance of him. I wanted him to assure that it was the truth, that I was a witch. "That's wicked!" Rune said excited while I traveled my eyes across my father's face, who was weakly smiling.

"I am the headmaster of a school for wizards and witches. Years ago, an evil wizard tried to rule the wizard world which made your parents fled. That's also the reason why the lovely Aurora Dove died trying to save you both."

"Mom died for us?" I felt my eyes water, the lie of my mother dying at our birth disappearing in thin air. Father nodded shortly, his eyes showing the pain he had felt for years.

"The Dove twins, I want to ask you both to come with us and start on your sixth year at Hogwarts." Rune widened his eyes and quickly stuttered yes before he walked over to father to hug him.

"Goldie?" Dumbledore stepped forwards and laid his hands on my shoulders. "I don't want to leave father." I mumbled, the feeling of him being all alone in this house made my heart ache.

"I understand." Dumbledore stepped back, turning to my father. "She has to decide herself." He spoke before taking his place between all the unfamiliar people again. "I am fortunate to see you at Hogwarts this year Rune."

"And Goldie? We must all face the choice between what is right, and what is easy. But please choose wisely." Dumbledore turned to my father and said his goodbye's before in a second, a loud bang frightened me.

Once I opened my eyes, they were gone.

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