21. Dawn

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a/n 9.2K! I can't thank you enough, honestly. a lot of shit has been going on recently so thats the biggest reason for this 2 week late chapter. i hope that my schedule wont be getting fucked up anymore so i can post regulary again, thanks for the patience x

The next morning was full of hard classes and I could tell that the students were getting more and more tired as the end of the year approached. Herbology started my morning off and without Neville I was a wreck. The students knew that I was so bad at the subject so whenever we'd have to make pairs everybody made sure not to get paired up with me.

I didn't blame them because boy, I wouldn't want to be a partner with me either. As I approached the greenhouses I recognized Nic leaning against one of the glass walls with his books in hands. "Since when are you in this class?" I snickered when I was close enough for him to hear me.

"Since there's been a gossip going around about you getting strangled by a Tentacula." I stopped in my tracks but couldn't help to let out a giggle. "I don't know if that's so much of a gossip. Probably reality." I shook my head while walking in with Nicolas, trying not to search an alternate reason for him switching classes.

We sat down next to each other and while I tried to pay attention to Professor Sprout, I could tell that Nic was only looking at me. "Aren't you going to pay attention? I'm not a cinema." "What's a cinema?" "Never mind!" I hissed quickly, getting annoyed at his behaviour. Suddenly Professor Sprout stopped talking and turned to me.

"Miss Dove." She clapped her hands together with a wide smirk and I just knew that this was going to go downhill from here. "Since you are giving off the impression that you already know of this information. Please, go ahead and move this Tentacula into another pot." I widened my eyes but slowly got of my stool, bravely walking up to her.

"She's not going to survive this." "They should make the Hospital Wing ready for her." "Then she could at least be with Malfoy." A couple giggles erupted but Professor Strunk gave a quick and stern look so within seconds it was completely silent in the green houses. I approached the plant and it looked horribly venomous so I strapped my shaking hands in dragon hide gloves.

While I filled the huge pot with dragon dun compost I tried to remember what I had read this morning about the Tentacula but while I was deep in thought the plant suddenly seized at me, making me scream loudly. The class stayed silent but was now just as terrified as I was. To my surprise the plant backed away, as if my own scream scared it.

I looked at Professor Sprout who gave me an approving look. "Seems like you've done the homework." She quickly took my place, sending me back to my seat. My cheeks turned red while I quickly walked back, facing a smirking Nic.

"You had no idea what you were doing, were you?" I rolled my eyes at first but then quickly nodded, trying to hide my embarrassed face. "Wicked." He mumbled and within a few seconds the class actually started so we worked together on the Tentacula, time going a lot faster when he helped me.

The rest of the morning went on rather peacefully and finally lunch time came around making everyone hurry up to the castle for the delicious pancakes and toasts. I said goodbye to Nicolas, not feeling much for sitting with Greer after having a long class full of stares from her boyfriend.

I casually walked over to the Gryffindor table and searched for Rune, it had been a while since I talked to him and I refused to believe that he'd throw away a long relationship with his sister over a Slytherin, especially the 'git' Malfoy. That particular thought made my lips curl into a smile, only the thought of him made me tingly.

I suddenly recognized his messy hair and slim figure seated at the table, talking to Ron and Hermione. Harry was nowhere to be seen. "Rune?" I tapped his shoulder, making him swirl around in a second as if he was scared something was going to hurt him. His eyes met mine and he instantly closed them, taking a deep breath.

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