22. It's near

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Death is upon them.

My eyes shot between Draco's and Bellatrix's faces. I was terrified at this point. Anyone in this room could kill within a second if they felt like it. Not even Draco would be able to stop them. "Really?" She was taken back, but she was still doubting me.

"Show me." I quickly backed away, not wanting to be any closer to her than I had already been. Draco slowly turned around with stern eyes but his soft touch made cooperating easier. With slow steps, I came closer to Bellatrix, who didn't waste a second. She ripped the cardigan up and it revealed the dark mark but it was fading.

Her dark eyes darted up at mine before letting out a sinister laugh. "It's not finished." She exclaimed, making the death eaters surrounding them snicker. "It will be." Draco said sternly, his voice overpowering the laughs. Bellatrix was about to say something but Draco quickly stopped her.

"We have no time. Let's go." He grabbed my hand and almost sprinted out of the Room of Requirement, the sound of footsteps following us was deafening. When we reached the exit, I realised that I was leading a lot of death eaters through the school, hand in hand with Draco. I knew exactly what people would think of us. As a matter of fact, they wouldn't be wrong.

The situation just went beyond what the simplest mind could come up with. His hand grabbed mine tighter when we reached the halls, we were both ready to pass out from fear. We turned the corner and passed the great hall, making the whole castle turn silent. Hundreds of students came running to see what was going on and every single time their eyes would meet mine, their face would drop.

It was like a sword through my chest, every time. The fear reflecting in their eyes, met my own and it was clearly visible that I was more afraid than them. Afraid for their lives and afraid for mine. No single student dared to stop us and whenever we would turn a corner, I prayed for them to run.

We reached the wing where Dumbledore's office was and my heart sank. He needed to get rid of Dumbledore, the only wizard Voldemort was afraid of. Without Dumbledore, there was no hope left. My vision became blurry as we kept on walking, tears trying to escape my eyes. I had made my choice, I had chosen for Malfoy. There wasn't any way back now.

We went up to the tower level and before we even reached the high-level I could hear Dumbledore talking. Harry, please, don't be up there with him, I whispered to myself. My was heart beating faster with every step we took and as soon as we reached Dumbledore, I held my breath. He was smiling at us, not showing an inch of fear.

"Draco. Goldie." He nodded with respect, making me internally scream. Malfoy's hand slowly slid from mine while he walked forward. He was going to kill our headmaster, the man who did so much for me and I wasn't going to do anything about it. As soon as I was disconnected from Draco a death eater grabbed my arms, making sure I wouldn't make any sudden moves.

I relaxed my muscles, not even knowing what in the love of god I was supposed to do to stop this without risking my own life. Dumbledore's eyes quickly switched from Draco to mine and he offered me a soft smile, as if he was saying that he didn't blame me for anything. That simple look made tears stream down my cheeks and my knees weak.

I quickly mouthed a 'I'm so sorry' before he turned back to Draco and they continued their risky conversation, Bellatrix seeming to lose her patience. I didn't want to see nor listen to any of this. All I wanted was to disappear and be safe, safe in father's arms but Draco's desperate screams made me turn weaker by the second.

I had appeared in a horror scene and all I wanted was to wake up or run. Suddenly someone came up the stairs and everyone seemed surprised but Dumbledore himself. "Severus." He almost whispered, his eyes getting teary.

This was it, I knew it. Snape was going to kill him and Draco wasn't. I shut my eyes tightly, desperately trying to disappear from this. "Avada Kedavra!" Those words banged through my ears and I screamed loudly, collapsing onto the ground. "Goldie. We have to move." A familiar voice found its way through the mess that was going on in my head.

I looked up to see the calming grey eyes that I fell in love with. His strong arms helped me up to my feet and he dragged me down the endless stairs, my head buried in his chest. All I could do was sob, scream and let every emotion pour out right on his suit.

Hell broke loose behind us. The death eaters where wrecking absolutely everything. The great hall was entirely empty and as we quickly walked through Bellatrix broke all the windows, pushing out an horrific laugh. I closed my eyes, trying to shut out all the shattered glass falling to the ground along with all the good memories in the beautiful hall. Which now looked like a ghost town.

Draco stopped in his tracks, taking a short look at the mess. His heart beat fastened and I could tell that this hurt him, terribly. The death eaters made sure to push us forwards so we followed Snape, Bellatrix, and a few others. "I-I. We can't leave everyone behind like this." I whispered to Draco who just kept on walking, making sure to drag me with him. We left the castle and began walking down to Hagrid's home.

I watched Bellatrix put fire to the small house and it almost seemed to explode. I almost fell to my knees, the hurt and the broken scenery become too much. "We have to continue." Snape said sternly, ignoring my hurtful eyes that where obviously blaming him.

Suddenly Harry's screams echoed through our ears, making everyone turn around. He aimed every spell he knew at Snape who carelessly blocked them. I furrowed my eyebrows when I noticed another figure sprinting down the grass, coming right at me. "It's Rune." I whispered, stepping away from Draco.

"No!" I yelled at him, trying to stop him from getting himself killed. He didn't listen to me, he just kept running making a death eater to fire a spell at him, a strong force causing him to fall back. "We have to go." I ignored Draco and quickly ran to Rune, who was groaning terribly. "Please go back and get safe." "What about you? Don't go with them Goldie."

"I have no choice!" He suddenly started crying while trying his best to sit up so he could hug me one last time. "I love you Rune." I whispered in his ear before two strong hands grabbed my arms and dragged me away from my twin brother. "Goldie!" He screamed on the top of his lungs, making shivers go down my spine.

"Get safe!" I yelled back, trying to hold back the sobs while fighting the death eaters grip. Before I could give Rune one apology or even look, Draco's hand found mine and we apparated into the darkness.

a/n, so this book is coming to its end so this chapter is quite short because i just felt like i had nothing more to add. thanks again for so many reads, its about 11k now which is insane! love you x

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