17. The borrowed dress

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a/n Just a little disclaimer, I am currently at the beginning of reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince so all my facts will consist of things I've either researched or seen in the films. If something is different in the book, I will get heart ache's since I wish that I could write it more in depth and detailed, I just simply haven't come to that part yet!

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The evening came around and we were all having dinner at the great hall, people laughing and just enjoying their time at Hogwarts. I was sat across Greer, normally she'd warm up the space besides me but ever since this morning she was acting like I had done something horrid.

All I did was keep some details to myself, as if she had informed me more about Nicolas then she did right away. It wasn't even my fault that I didn't tell her, Dumbledore especially told me to keep it to myself to try and keep people from thinking that I had become a death eater, just like Ron did at the burrow.

Talking about the mark, I had been debating how to hide it while wearing something formal. I didn't have any long sleeved dresses, let alone any dresses. I nibbled down on my bottom lip in thought, playing around with my food for a couple seconds before grabbing my plate and casually wandering to the Gryffindor table.

A couple of students curiously watched me switch tables and when I sat down, the golden trio plus Rune looked up in surprise. "I have an issue, mostly for Hermione to help me with." The boys nodded before continuing their conversation but this time without Hermione.

"Do you think that I could borrow a dress, preferable a long sleeved one, for tonight? I need to cover up my bandage." I spoke softly, trying to avoid the word 'mark'. Hermione looked up at the ceiling while twisting a bushy curl around her fingers.

"I think I do, meet me outside of the Gryffindor Common room at 7. I'll let you in." She whispered with a smirk and just like that we continued on eating, chatting about our subjects and the exams that Hermione already started studying for.

The hour went by rather quickly. I quickly freshened up and got many curious looks from girls in my dorm, besides Greer who was getting ready as well. Not many Hufflepuff's where good enough to get invited to the party, most of them where great at Herbology, something I was very envious off.

Ten minutes before seven I left the common room with my invitation. The stairs where exhausting and boy, was I glad that my common room wasn't that much stairs away. When I finally made it to the common room, Hermione walked out the second I stopped and she snuck me in.

Nobody noticed, even when I looked around in awe. The place looked extremely cosy, with all the warm colours and the big fire along with the comfy couches and many students chatting. We quickly ran up the stairs and when we arrived at the girl's dorm, I greeted Parvati Patil, along with Ginny Weasley who was laying, on what turned out to be, Hermione's bed.

"Oh, Hey Goldie." Ginny said before turning back to her pink pygmy puff, looking through the quibbler after.  Hermione walked me to the side of her bed where she had two dresses hanging from the top of her bedframe, which almost reached the ceiling.

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