19. Talk to me

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a/n So, a late chapter and a shitty one. Seriously, writers block has been hitting me hard. So, I apologize because your girl thought she would just be out last noon but turns out, she isn't a star in handling some booze... ANYWAY. Thank you soo so much for 6.6k! Hope you still enjoy the short-ish chapter x


"please, i ask you, whatever you are, safe him from what is holding his oh so bright soul captive."

With folded hands, I sat by his bed, my head leaning on the mattress. Lips sore from whispering prayers, cries and anxiety. Eyes bloodshot from crying, rubbing and being awake. Hair messy from endless tugging, tangles and tying up. Six hours had gone by and he was still fast asleep. The slow but steady breaths flowing past his plump lips, his eyes tightly shut.

I was scared to look at him, his scars being an everlasting reminder of last night. I could feel Madam Pomfrey observing me carefully, knowing I was close to a mental break down. My eyes began to burn again, so I slowly lifted my head to look at the time. Half past seven. The sun began to shine and some birds where chirping loudly.

Suddenly Draco groaned and his eyelashes fluttered, trying to adjust to the new space. I was completely silent, my heart beating out of my chest. "Bloody hell." He whispered, turning his head to lay his eyes on me. Before I could say anything Miss Pomfrey pushed past me, quickly shutting the white blinds so I couldn't see what was going on.

I was speechless. He woke up and seemed fine, his vocabulary said enough. He was going to be fine. With trembling hands, I wiped away a fallen tear before quickly crossing my arms against my chest. I was cold and still barefoot. The yellow dress from Hermione had black stains all over it and I had no idea where I had left Ginny's heels

Madam Pomfrey opened the blinds after a few minutes, walking past me without a word. I didn't know what to do now that he had woken up. "Goldie." He mumbled while trying to sit up straight, only to wince in pain. "Draco, don't." I quickly said, rushing over to him. His bare chest was extremely distracting but the way his hand immediately went to my cheek, was way more interesting.

"Did you get hurt?" His eyes searched my face but I had nothing, except for make-up smudged eyes. "No, but you did." I whispered my eyes switching to his scars. "Thank god." He breathed out, pulling his hand from my face again. "We kissed." He suddenly said with a faint smile on his face. My cheeks turned red and Draco his eyes lit up for a second.

"We did." I smirked, slowly bringing my hand forwards, to brush a blonde strand of hair out of his face. "Did you like it, was I any good? I was kind of a mess and I promise you I could have done it a million-" "Shut up, will you?" I snickered, drawing random patterns on his bare arm. "Don't ignore what happened. Why were you crying?" I whispered, leaning closer to him.

It took him a second before completely shutting down. His eyes went droopy again and I could feel him getting emotional. "You can't become more involved than you already are." Was all he said before sighing and slouching down again. "Why won't you just accept that I am in this all, there is no way to keep me out of it." I told him but his eyes kept looking away.

I sighed once again before daring to let a small smile dance on my lips. Madam Pomfrey was silently reading some kind of paper so I softly drew the blinds shut before looking at Draco. "Scoot." He couldn't help but smirk while carefully making place for me. I slowly laid down against him, the warmth from his body radiating to mine.

I laid my head upon his chest while his bony fingers made their way through my tangled hair, softly brushing them out. Hearing and feeling his breaths was incredibly relaxing but mostly reassuring. That's how we stayed for a while until I could feel myself getting hungry so as Draco fell asleep again, I left the hospital wing to get myself freshened up.

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