10. The perfect student

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My mind was still clouded with yesterday's events. Not one time had I regretted an invitation to someone this much. I was sure of Malfoy's guilt, I mean, there was no other explanation. I was glad that the classes seemed to be longer because I was afraid to go to the library.

I didn't expect him to show up but what if he did? I could be studying and chatting up with someone that had no problem with hurting others. All day all I could think of was why he was doing this. What was his motive or purpose?

Revenge? Or I don't know. With a pounding head ache I entered the last class off the day, Potions. I really didn't want any issues with Nicolas so as soon as he stiffly sat down next to me, I turned to him.

"Yesterday was horrible and today isn't much better so if we could please just relax and follow the class without all the awkwardness and anger." Nic raised his eyebrows before nodding, putting his books on the table after.

"Today we are going to...." Slughorn's voice entered my ears and right there and then I could feel myself becoming sleepy. "Stay awake." Nic quickly tapped my arm when the Professor was looking our way.

I gave him a weak smile before laying my head in the palm of my hand again. "I'll get the ingredients." I mumbled before slowly getting up, my eyelids heavy. I gathered all the ingredients and we started on the potion.

The hour went by way to fast and before I knew it, Slughorn was testing our potions. "It's good, but you two have done better." He scribbled something down in his notebook and carried on. "What happened yesterday?" Nicolas curiously asked, making me sigh.

Our whole table started eaves dropping because Katie Bell had been the school gossip since yesterday. "If you want to know what happened, you should ask Katie Bell." I started while rolling my eyes.

"And since she's in the hospital wing, I don't really think she's up to talk about this right now so neither am I." "Class dismissed!" I gathered my books and headed out of the classroom in a rush. I could understand their curiosity but sometimes people just needed to mind their own business.

As I was walking down the dungeon halls I crossed Snape, who was looking at me with his disgusting facial expression. "See you are enjoying your free time out of detention, keep it that way." His slow way of talking caused goose bumps to rise and with a quick nod, I carried on walking.

With my heavy bag full of books I headed up to the library, walking up the many stairs. When I reached the right level someone was standing in front of the entrance of the library and as soon as I recognized the blonde locks, I froze.

He was waiting, waiting, for me! I pushed all my horrible thoughts a side and approached him with a bright smile. "I only have an hour so hurry." He snapped and entered the library without any other word, my smile dropping.

With a sigh I walked in as well, passing the many tables and book shelves. "But I am the chosen one!" I whipped my head to the side and saw Hermione and Harry talking until Harry was hit with a very large paper.

"Jeez." I mumbled before quickly walking by, hoping they wouldn't see me with Malfoy since they'd always have their opinion ready about him. I saw him taking place at an empty table in the back and as he was laying out all his work, I sat down as well.

"What do you need help with." He said, not even asked. It seemed as if he was in computer mode. Similar to Professor Snape, who gave me the creeps. "Ehm, Transfiguration and Divination." I pushed my assignments towards him and he quickly grabbed them, taking a look.

His eyes scanned the papers while his nose scrunched up, causing my heart to flutter. "I already made the essay for Divination so we'll cover that first. Transfiguration..." He trailed off in mumbles while flipping a few pages in his own Transfiguration book.

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