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                                                                                FOURTEEN YEARS AGO

"Aurora, we have to leave."

"Why Samuel?"

"He is coming for our children."



a/n HI! A little disclaimer,
This is my first Harry Potter related fanfiction ever so don't judge me if the facts aren't hundred percent accurate and also, my first language isn't English so I'm bound to make mistakes! Just keep that in mind.

I don't own any of the characters that where made up by J.K Rowling herself and I don't own the original plot of her and the Warner Brothers!

I hope you enjoy reading x


a/n 27-11-16.

Hey guys! Yesterday the most gorgeous girl I have ever met, dystutopia, made a trailer for this fanfiction! I am soooo greatful for this warm hearted act and all the support that I have been getting for all my work. Please follow her and make sure to watch the trailer so that you can crawl safely into the world of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

I love you,

Talía (sqdgirl)

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