3. The journey to Hogwarts

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The next morning Rune and I woke really early, excited to leave to our new school. My stomach was tingling from nervousness which made me unable to have a proper breakfast. Father suddenly walked into the kitchen with two wands, giving me a almost black wand with random detailing at the bottom. Rune his wand looked very thick and was light brown, he wouldn't let me see it before he was pointing it at random objects.

"Don't! You'll break something!" I quickly hissed and just a second later, a vase flew through the kitchen before hitting the window. "Rune!" Father yelled making me flinch. "Told you." I smirked before quickly placing my plate in the sink, escaping the scene.

I loved my wand and decided to try and use it as well, in secret of course. Rune couldn't know I was just as nosy as he was, only at specific times. I tiptoed across the hall, ignoring my father's strong voice from the kitchen. I sat down on our soft carpet in my room, grabbing my wand firmly.

I closed my eyes really concentrating on what I wanted to happen. I didn't know any spells so I just imagined the pillow in front of me floating. A weird kind of electricity went threw me and it was nothing I had ever felt before.

Suddenly the door flew open and I looked behind me, seeing Rune standing there with his mouth a gape. All the furniture in my room was floating and just a second later, they came down with a loud bang. "Goldie!" Father yelled once again, coming up the stairs.

A lecture and hours later, it was time to leave and go to the station. I was excited to see my Owl since Rune really wanted the cat. Father told me I could use my owl to write letters so I was better off anyway.

"Hurry up Goldie!" Rune yelled while I dragged my trunk down our driveway and into the car. "We can't be late." He said again, making my cheeks flush red. "I am coming!" I tried to say as I pushed the trunk in the backseat, the weight of it crushing my arms. "Finally! Now come on!" Father started the engine as I tried to fit myself next to my and Rune's trunk in the backseat.

"It's about a hour away so I hope we won't miss the train." He stated while pushing in the gas pedal, racing out of the street. Once we got there, people at the Kings Cross Station gave us some weird looks. Two kids with huge trunks, two pets and a grown man. We ran across many crowds when father suddenly stopped in front of a wall. 

"Okay. We have no time to discuss this, just believe me and walk through the middle." Rune looked at him for a second before just going for it and indeed, he just went through the wall. "Oh gosh." I breathed out before casually walking to the wall before going through, my heart beating out of my chest. The next thing I knew I was harmlessly on the other side. I couldn't believe my eyes, an old looking train which said 'Hogwarts Express' was blowing smoke repeatedly, children already getting in.

It looked absolutely amazing and I couldn't keep my eyes of the train. Rune called me over and together we delivered our trunks before waiting for Father to say goodbye. "I expect for you two to stick together and to not do anything reckless or dangerous. Especially you Rune. I want you to behave. Goldie? Please don't let anyone walk all over you." I shared a hug with my father before nodding at him. "I won't. I promise."

With that Rune and I boarded the train, waving goodbye to our only assurance. I said goodbye to the only thing that I ever called home and I was off to another place. Rune didn't feel the sadness that I felt because he already dragged me through the corridors, searching for a free compartment. "Finally! People have been giving us weird looks all day, first at the train station and now because of our robes. I want to know in what house we will be sorted in."

"I'll miss dad." I mumbled, not caring about what I would be sorted in later. I cared about not being able to see his face every day, for a really long time. "Come on Goldie. We'll write to dad till our fingers hurt, you should enjoy that we are on a train to learn magic!" Shooting him a small smile, I watched the landscape. It turned from crowded to deserted. Suddenly my attention was torn away from the window but to the door where a blonde girl was leaning against the door post.

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