Chapter 29 - Thanksgiving

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“You’re just saying that.”  She said wrinkling her nose in doubt.

“No I’m not.  It’s cute and you are right.  The fact that Ethan helped does make it sweeter.”  He said picking Ethan up and giving him a big squeeze.

“You like my cake?  It tastes good, Daddy.”

“I’ll bet it does.”  He smiled grabbing the cake carrier with his other hand.  “Let’s do this.”  He said kissing Berkley sweetly on the lips.  He was excited about this day.  He knew that Berkley wanted to wait until after the holiday to tell everyone they were engaged.  Before, it had troubled him, but now that she had accepted, had the ring and it was official, he was okay with giving her a little more time.  He knew she wouldn’t wear the ring today, he didn’t mind that either, for now.   The look on her face when he gave her the ring was more than enough to give him the peace of mind he needed.


They pulled up in front his parents’ house and Berkley felt butterflies or maybe it was lingering morning sickness.  She was nervous that maybe her sweater didn’t do enough to cover her tummy.  She looked down at it and knew that it was too big now to consider it just a baby bump.  Even Dane had been paying special attention to her tummy, at least when he was home.  He was always coming up behind her, sliding his hands around her to caress her belly.  She smiled to herself thinking of what he had said to her the first time he had done it.  ‘It’s the closest thing to holding her.’  He had said with his chin resting on her shoulder. 

“Come on pretty little momma.”  Dane said extending his hand as he opened the door.

“Yeah, come on Momma.”  Ethan repeated.

Berkley stopped dead in her tracks.  “Dane, maybe you should watch what you say, at least for today.”  She said placing her hand on his cheek and pinching as if he were a foolish boy.  Before he could respond the front door flew open and Cybil came rushing out to greet them. 

“My darling Dane, it’s so good to finally see you.  You have been keeping long hours for too long.”  She said taking the cake from him.  “We missed you Tuesday night.”

“I made a cake!”  Ethan said proudly.

“You did?”  Cybil asked with a wink.

“No, mom, really he did.”  Dane said following Berkley though the door.

“Berkley you look radiant.”  Cybil said shutting the door behind them once they were all inside. 

The table was extra full with a Thanksgiving feast and all the trimmings.  Berkley was surprised to see the Benson family seated at the table and even more surprised to see that Ana was sitting next to an attractive guy who looked to be in his mid-twenties on the opposite side of where Dane was headed.  It still irritated Berkley, that Dane was expected to sit next to Ana, after all this time.  Alan would give up on the thought of Ana with Dane eventually, she hoped.  Looking across table, she had wondered if maybe Ana had finally given up on her quest to win Dane’s heart.  Looking at the way Ana’s face lit up when Dane sat down next to her, removed all hope of that thought instantly.  Ana’s friend didn’t seem to have eyes for her any more than she did him, considering the way he was taking in the sight of Berkley, as  she made her way to the opposite side of the table.  His gray eyes twinkled with mischief beneath the raven bangs that fell down into his face.  “I’m Guy.  It’s a pleasure to meet you.”  He said with a cocky grin.  Before she could even acknowledge Guy Dylan grabbed her attention.

“I saved you a seat.”   He patted the seat next to him wagging his eyebrows and motioning for her to sit next to him.  Dane put Ethan in his booster seat and took his assigned seat.  Alan stood up at the end of the table. 

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