Chapter 14 - The Eleanor

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Chapter 14

They pulled up in front of the Eleanor one of the oldest and finest hotels in the city.  It was known for being extravagant and catering to the upscale.  “Dane what are we doing here?”  Dane slid out of the car and held his hand out for hers.  The driver tilted his head and Dane leaned in and whispered something to him.  The driver nodded and wished Berkley a good evening.

“I’m taking you to the roof.”  He smiled taking her hand in his.

She couldn’t help but get excited.  This was in the middle of the downtown district and she couldn’t wait to see the view.  He lead her through the main lobby and she waited by the fountain while he visited reception.  The lobby looked like it was straight out of a movie.  There was grand staircase that curved around on both sides of the room.  The ceiling and walls were trimmed in metallic gold and there were several crystal chandeliers glistening like diamonds reflecting a prism of colors.

“You ready?”  Dane asked amused by her reaction to her surroundings.  Once in the elevator Dane stared down at his shoes with his hands in his pockets.  She wasn’t sure what he was thinking about but the silence felt awkward.  It had been a while since she had felt at a loss for words with him.  She could feel the silence weighing heavy between them so it was time to break it.

“Dane, I want to thank you for tonight.  For buying me this dress, these shoes, and whatever you did to get these diamonds for the night.  I feel like Cinderella.  I don’t want to go to sleep because I know when I wake up it will be back to pumpkins and singing mice.”

Dane just smiled back at her as the elevator bumped to a stop on the top floor.  There was only a small foyer and one door.  Dane stepped up swiped the key fob and opened the door ushering her inside.  Unlike the classic antique style furniture that filled the main lobby, this suite was filled modern furniture.  The main room consisted of two sofas and several chairs in an open floor plan that sat adjacent to the dining area on the left and full kitchen straight ahead beneath the loft.  There was a staircase that climbed up to loft which was the bedroom.  Berkley’s heart thumped against her ribs when noticed a luxurious California king size bed with a billowing white duvet covered with a ridiculous amount of plump pillows. 

She looked at Dane who was studying her with complete fascination.  She hadn’t ever noticed him looking at her quite like that and she thought of the things that Garrett had said earlier.  Her stomach twisted in knots at the thought of Garrett being even just the tiniest bit right about him.

“This place is amazing.”

“Are you ready to see the roof?”  He said closing the distance between them.

“I can’t wait!”

Dane rolled his shoulders out of his jacket and tossed it on the back of the couch along with his bow tie.  All the furniture was white with random light blue trim adding to the open airy atmosphere.  He tugged at his collar and undid a couple of buttons at the neck twisting his head as if he had been released from a choke hold.  It drove her crazy to see him like this, in his dress clothes looking as if he were about to come undone if he didn’t loosen up and rebel.  The way he loosened his neckline and mussed up his hair after he ran his fingers though it made her want to close the distance between them and touch him with more than just her eyes.  But it was his innocent routine.  He did this every day after work not knowing it was one of the highlights of her day.   “That’s better.”  He smiled taking her hand and walking her over to the dining room.  “Watch this.”

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