Chapter 30 - In-Laws

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Chapter 30



Garret and Jess arrived about an hour later.  Dane was hoping that William and Patricia would just, leave.  He needed to talk to Garrett and he knew that Berkley and Jess probably had a lot of catching up to do.  Jess made her way to the kitchen and slid onto a stool next to Berkley. 

Ethan was completely engrossed in a small wooden puzzle that William had made in his workshop.  Dane remembered Laura joking about all of the knick knacks that he created.  He smiled for a moment then focused his attention on Garrett.

“Garrett, come with me.  I need to show you something.” 

Garrett followed behind him and Dane closed the door to his office motioning for Garrett to take a seat.  “I’m ready to move forward with the construction of our home.  I’ve talked to Berkley about it but she doesn’t realize, they have already broken ground.”  He smiled.  “I need to know if you are up to the task and if so, I need to arrange for you to meet with DeFalco next week.  Are you up for it?”

Garrett’s smile was huge as he got to his feet and reached across the desk to shake Dane’s hand.  “Yes, I’m up for it!  Frank DeFalco, are you serious?”

“Yes, Frank DeFalco and his brother may pop in on occasion.”

“Dane, I don’t know what to say.  When you offered to hire me for this, I never imagined the doors that this could open.  Thank you.”

“What are brothers for?” Dane smiled.

Garrett’s eyes widened.  “Are you saying what I think you are saying?”

“I plan to marry Berkley as soon as she will have me.”

“What is her hold up?”

“She wants to make sure that my father doesn’t have any objections.”  Dane frowned.

“Does he?”  Garrett’s voice was serious now and his smile was fading.

“He favors the idea of me and a childhood friend.”

“Oh yeah, your assistant, Ana, the one who bought you at the auction. How could I forget about her?”

“She is a beautiful woman but not the woman for me.”

“I wasn’t referring to her looks.  I don’t like her, Dane and I like the fact that she works right under you even less.”

“I love your sister and no one is going to change that, especially Ana.”

“I know you do but it doesn’t change the fact that it bothers Berkley.”

“I’ll make sure it doesn’t.”  Dane said flashing a mischievous grin.

“Watch it.  You’re talking about my sister.”

“Maybe, we should just focus on the house plans.”  Dane said, rolling them out and anchoring one side with a paperweight while pressing out the other side with his hand.  “Look them over and tell me what you think.”

Garrett studied them closely.  “This is an excellent floor plan and I know your best friend drew them up but I think the elevation is off just a bit here.  If we go up two feet then the pitch will allow for more room in the loft.  I assume you are going to put Ethan in this room?”  Garret said pointing to the room closest to the master bedroom.

“No that will be the baby’s room and Ethan will go here.”  Dane said sliding his finger across the paper.

“…The baby?”  Garrett said looking Dane dead in the eyes. 

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