Chapter 46 Remembrance

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Ryle Cate

Chapter 46


After another long day at work and a quiet evening with just the two of them, followed by an hour of work in his office, Dane called it a day. He climbed the stairs and stood silent for a moment. Lately, he found himself paused outside her door more often than not. Tonight it was cracked enough that he could see her sleeping. He smiled when he realized she was snoring. Pregnancy agreed with her. She was still sexy and when she wasn't, she was just plain adorable or maybe he was just hopelessly in love with her. He was sure it was all of the above.

He yawned, realizing just how tired he was, closed the door quietly and crossed the hall. He tossed his clothes in the floor and slid between the cool crisp sheet. They smelled of fabric softener. He realized, Grace had caught up his laundry today. He took a deep breath, sighed and turned off the lamp. Sleep evaded him for an eternity. The house was quiet except for the sound of his heart beating and his breath as it passed through his nose. The silence grew louder, until he was certain he could hear the ringing in his ears. Then finally just before he was about to drift off to sleep, he heard the sound of Berkley's door as it opened. His heart started racing as he listened.

The light from the base of the stairs came on. He heard the suction of the refrigerator door as it opened. He thought about going downstairs and checking on her but at this lonely hour, he rolled over and groaned into his pillow, knowing that he and Berkley had two completely different cravings.

After spending about fifteen minutes in the refrigerator, he heard her make her way up the stairs. She was trying to be quiet but obviously had a not so quiet bag of potato chips in her grasp. He heard it hit the floor along with a rattling sound followed by the familiar gagging noise she made before she lost the contents of her stomach. She didn't get morning sickness any more but rather Lily was simply taking up so much room now that Berkley's eyes were often bigger than her stomach. She complained of frequent heartburn and bloating. Dane hated to see her struggling at this point in the pregnancy. Berkley was petite and he wasn't sure if she would make it full term.

He jumped up, flipped on the light and caught a glimpse of her as she disappeared into the darkness of her room. He followed after her but her bathroom door was closed.

"Are you alright?" He knew she would be fine as he tapped softly against the door. At least that is what he had been told. Because her pregnancy started out with fainting spells, he worried about her incessantly.

The door opened. She looked embarrassed.

"Why do I eat garbage that I know is going to make me sick?" She said with frustration.

"You can ask Lily someday." He smiled. "Go to bed. I'll clean up." He offered noticing her gaze as it moved to the food spilled by the door.

"I've got it." She sighed.

They cleaned it up together. He carried all the food back downstairs and when he returned, he found her sweeping the chips into the dustpan. He took it from her and emptied it into the trash.

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