Hello everyone! (Not a chapter...)

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This is just a quick hello to EVERYONE!  Broadcasts only go to followers and I have more people reading that don't follow me so I felt with my abcence as of late I needed to contact everyone here.

1. I am still with you!  I sent a few broadcasts out a month or so ago telling you all that I was changing jobs and moving.  It is all done now and I'm just now getting settled but I have internet again!  So I am back and yes you will be getting the next chapter very soon!

2.  I appreciate all of your support and encouragement as always and I do apologize to all of those who were unaware of my broadcasts and changing circumstances. I hope you all are still with me and I will be writing this week for sure!

3.  I have fallen behind on my comments but I will get caught up on them after I upload the next chapter.

T H A N K    Y O U   A L L   S O   M U C H!   I   H A V E   M I S S E D   Y O U!

Ryle Cate

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