Chapter 32 - Alan Hatches a Plan

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Chapter 32

Alan Hatches a Plan

Dane approached the doors to the office building that towered over him.  His brow was furrowed as he thought of his obligations to the company and how heavily they outweighed the joy he should be feeling about his personal life.  His mind played visions of Berkley and Ethan over in his head.  Before Lilly, he still considered Berkley mother material for Ethan. 

Dane was standing patiently at the elevator before he realized it.  Like a robot he had made his way through the throng of people scurrying to and from their work with coffee in one hand and briefcases and cell phones in the other.  He thought of Berkley asleep in his bed wearing his one of his t-shirts and how it had ridden up just enough to expose her swollen tummy.  He had kissed her goodbye before he left and even left a kiss for Lilly as he whispered his love softly to the baby growing inside her.  He was gazing dreamily at the ground when a familiar voice interrupted his thoughts.

Alan stood next to him with a knowing expression tainted with disapproval.  “Good morning son.”

“-Morning.”  Dane said rocking on his heels.

“Have Beth pencil me into your schedule today, preferably before lunch.”

“Sure thing, do you and mom have plans for this evening?  I have some important things to discuss with you both and I thought we might come by the house tonight.”

We as in, you and Ethan?” Alan asked as a lump grew in his throat.  Alan knew the radiant look that Dane had been sporting for months now wasn’t from his triumphs at work.  Dane had been doing his best to keep it from him but he knew.  He knew that his son was falling prey to wiles of that woman who couldn’t be pleased with just doing her job and caring for Ethan.  No, she had to pull Ethan into all of this.

Unlike all the others who tried to take advantage of Dane and get their hands on his money by getting him in their bed, she had played the game cautiously.  She rejected Danes physical advances at first and instead she went straight for the kill.  She bonded with Ethan and went for Danes heart before going in for his wallet.  She was the worst candidate Cybil could have hired.  Alan had been against it from the moment he saw her.  She was beautiful, young and vibrant and she would appeal to any man.  Alan knew Dane would have her eventually and he could only hope that it would cause tension and ultimately cost her the job.  Berkley however had proven to be too clever.  She had systematically won over the affection of everyone that surrounded Dane starting with Cybil and Grace then it had trickled down to Dylan, Trent and even Alana.  Alan had been the only person to hold out for what was in the best interest of Dane.  Someone had to look after him because Dane was in over his head with this girl.  Dane had never let a woman bring him to his knees but this vixen was doing just that.  Alan tried to force a smile as he stepped into the elevator next to Dane.

We, as in all of us.”  Dane said.

Alan knew that he meant Berkley.   He spoke of her as if she were his wife already.  Alan felt his blood pressure soar and he immediately set plans in motion to thwart this girls attempts get her claws further in his son. 

The tension mounted unbearably and as Alan stepped out of the elevator he called back over his shoulder.  “Call your mom.  I’m sure it’s fine.”  He immediately made his way down the hall to his office and closed the door behind him.

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