Notice to non followers. Not a chapter.

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I hate to post this here but it is the only way to reach those who read and are not following me.

Hello everyone! I have missed you all so much, honestly since April of last year. I made a feeble attempt to write a little but the stress of moving and starting a new job just proved to be more than I could juggle with writing. BUT believe it or not, I quit the new job and returned to my previous job which allowed me the time to write. The circumstances are a little more demanding than before but much less than where I have been.

I don't want to sound dramatic but I have shed many tears this past year over this. I have missed you all so much, missed my characters and missed writing. It has taken almost a full year but I have hopefully found my way back to you. Tonight is the first night in 7 months that I have been able to sit down with nothing but my thoughts, notes and laptop.

That being said if you all haven't given up on me, I hope you will stick around for the next few and final chapters. I am getting my groove back and truly hope to wrap this story up once and for all. I can not thank those of you who have continued to support me and believe in me enough! You have been such and encouragement. I hope for those who feel completely let down that you will revisit my book or profile soon and come back to finish reading it too. I'm sorry to have let you down and hope that you can forgive me.

Here is to happy endings and I hope to give you all one very soon! Oh how I have missed wattpad, my readers, followers and even a few friends! I will be back with a chapter very soon!

So glad to be back! Ryle Cate

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