Chapter 25-b A Puppy

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Chapter 25-b

It was after seven before Dane was able to call it a day and head home.  He drove in silence contemplating his day.  He had sauntered in late with a big smile on his face and once again he was the talk at the water cooler.  It wasn’t that it was unusual to be the subject of office gossip and he could care less about what they had to say regarding his social life.  But the extra attention was given today simply because he was late and smiling about it a little too much.  Still he didn’t see what all the fuss was about.  He had not been late for work in years with the exception of sleeping in with Berkley a few times as of late.  He thought back to the past couple of months and he could count on one hand the number of times.  Apparently his late arrival made more of a statement than he realized because today’s talk wasn’t limited to the water cooler.

He stepped into the break room to grab a few extra napkins on his way back to his office and his presence left everyone suddenly speechless.  He nodded at a couple of the girls and wished them a good day leaving them to whisper in hushed tones as he slipped out the door.  By the time he made it back down the hall and through the rows of desks he received conflicting glances from the staff.  The ladies seemed to frown at him with disapproval while the two guys from the IT department looked as if they wanted to give him a high-five.

He paused in front of reception and smiled at Beth.  “Any word from DeFalco yet?”

“No. But you have someone waiting in your office.” 

Dane raised an eyebrow.  “Did I overlook something on my calendar?”  He asked not understanding the attitude that was oozing of her sharp words.

“Nope this one isn’t on the calendar.”  Beth said giving him a look of disapproval.

Dane frowned back at Beth but didn’t say anything more.  He simply walked over to his office door and for a brief moment he had the hopes that maybe Berkley had decided to pay him a visit but he knew better of it.  The one thing he wasn’t expecting was to find Morgan sitting in his chair with her stilettos resting on the corner of his desk.  Her legs seemed to go on forever which had always been her most favorable trait.  But that being the case she didn’t hold a candle next to the image of Berkley sitting in his chair a few weeks ago.  He realized now that he failed to cancel their lunch date.  And even worse he should never have a called her last week.  She was here for one reason.  The only reason she ever paid him an office visit.

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