Chapter 17 - China

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 Chapter 17

Sunday morning came and Berkley awoke to find that she had half a dozen messages from Blake. 

3 a.m. 

You up?

3:30 a.m. 

Guess not

4:02 a.m. 

Call me when you wake up.

4:37 a.m. 

Never mind.  I’m about to crash.

4:39 a.m. 

I want to see you again.

4:42 a.m. 

Sweet Dreams Kitten

Berkley read over the messages.  She wasn’t angry with Blake for the way he had been last night.  That was just Blake.  He was always flirting with girls.  But the texts reminded her of the way her evening had ended.  Dane had admitted to her that she had been a mistake.  His words drove into her chest piercing her heart before it shattered into a million aching pieces.  Her knees had been so weak that she had slid to the floor the moment she closed the door.  This morning she found the strength to walk across the room and down the stairs but when she found Dane in the kitchen making a pot of coffee she felt nauseous.

How could she be so stupid?  Stupid enough to think that he would ever want a girl like her for more than a few good turns in the sheets.  Her mother would be so ashamed of her right now.  Berkley had visited her following Tuesday after the fundraiser.  Garrett had scolded her in his own indirect way for neglecting to stay in touch now that their mom was better.  Their visit had been good despite all the tears they had cried.  Still Berkley was relieved to see her mom finally dealing with the loss of her husband and ultimately the loss of her family.  Maybe they could pull together and be a normal family again.

Of course the conversation eventually shifted to happier things like how great it was that Garrett was almost set to graduate and how proud she was of him.  Of course Berkley was informed that she was glowing and looked beautiful before the interrogation began.  Who is he?  Do you love him?  There was no point in hiding things from her omniscient mother.  So Berkley filled in a few more details to complete the picture of her life that Garrett had apparently painted of her.

Ultimately her mother was happy that she was free from BJ but warned Berkley to guard her heart with this one.  ‘A wealthy man like that only needs a girl like you for one reason and when he grows tired of you, or finds one of his kind to fill his needs he will leave you.  He will never marry you.  Not that there is anything wrong with you baby it’s just you don’t belong in his world.  He will show you his world but then leave you in yours.  This man will leave you with nothing but a hole in your heart.’

Berkley hesitated for a moment studying his body language closely, hoping for a glimpse into his mood this morning.  “Sit down Berkley.  I’m not going to bite you.  In fact, I’m cooking breakfast for you too.  You’re looking a little thin.”  He turned around smiling with a skillet in his hand.  “I figure since you’re mad at me, it might be safe to cook.”  He winked.

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