Chapter 44 - Pleasantly Distracted

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Chapter 44

Pleasantly Distracted

Berkley stood by the door for what seemed like an eternity with her luggage in tow. Her heart skipped a beat when she recognized Danes truck as he turned in. She knew Ethan was in the backseat so she stepped out front so that he could pull to the door and load her bags.

Dane was walked around the back of the truck and leaned down to pick up her luggage. As he rose up, he noticed Berkley's body grow rigid and next to her stood none other than the scum bag that beat her.

Dane immediately tossed the luggage into the back floorboard and closed the door. Ethan didn't need to be exposed to the likes of this guy. Dane took Berkley's hand and pulled her over beside him.

"Dane." Berkley said trying to calm him.

"I would feel better if you were in the truck." Dane said stepping between her and the danger he perceived.

"But..." She replied as B.J. started in.

"It's alright Bee. This has to happen."

She climbed into the truck and Dane locked the door before closing it. He didn't make eye contact with her but he didn't have to. She knew his expression well.

"You stay away from her." Dane growled as he turned around.

"I've been to counseling. I spoke to her in the store."

"If you ever come near her again I-" Dane retorted but was cut short.

"I've made peace with her. It's all I wanted. I didn't search her out today. Perhaps it was fate that our paths crossed. I hope I gave her what she needed. I will never be given a second chance with or without you in the picture. I know that. I just needed to see her one more time."

"I'm not in the picture. I'm a part of her life. I'm not going away. She is the mother to my children. So this picture you speak of, consider me the canvas. I will always be relevant even if I'm not visibly in it. It is what husbands and fathers do. I don't care if you become a priest. You will stay away from her. You have said what you feel you had to say and I will respect that if it brings her peace but from this point forward if 'fate' finds you in her path again, I suggest you walk the other way while you're still able." Dane had stepped forward towering over B.J. as he took a step back.

"I don't expect you to understand the relationship we had. It wasn't always bad." He professed.

"Call it what you will but what it is, is over." Dane said struggling to restrain himself.

I've been to counseling for my temper. Don't make the mistake of thinking it has made me a soft. If you want to settle things now let's do it. I can back up my words." B.J. challenged.

"You think I can't? Don't tempt me." Dane said warned.

"I think you're a pretty rich boy who is used to letting his money and his brother fix all of his problems."

Dane stepped back and looked over his shoulder at his family. He could see Ethan was sleeping and wouldn't be witness to what he was about to do.

A satisfied chuckle escaped the lips of the garbage standing on the curb. Dane instantly spun around and put his full weight into a punch to the gut and as B.J. doubled over he hit him with an uppercut forcing his head back up. Dane nailed him with a right hook and sent him to the ground. He paused for a moment looking at the blood on his knuckles then dropped his gaze back down to B.J. who was stunned and flat on his back.

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