Chapter 10 - The New Personal Assistant

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Dane arrived at the office thirty minutes early.  Stepping into the elevator, he leaned against the back wall as always but this morning rather than having a smile on his face he tilted his head back and stood with his eyes closed.  It was going to be a long day.  All he could think about was Berkley and her lover that she picked up at Static.

"Good morning Dane."  Ana said catching the elevator door in time squeeze in.

Dane opened his eyes and forced a smile.  "Good morning, Ana.  Why are you here and why so early?"

"I work for you now Dane.  Didn't they tell you?"  She said quizzically.

"No.  I assume 'they' being Alan and Cybil?"  He frowned.

"Actually it was our Dad's.  My dad says I need to get experience for my resume.  My college degree isn't enough to land that job I want in New York.  He thinks working for you, the lucrative Dane Knight, will be the catalyst that I need to jump start my career.  So here I am your personal assistant.  Your dad wants me by your side throughout the expansion."

Alan had always had a soft spot for Ana and was disappointed when she became engaged to some guy from college.   Dane had been relieved and had grown tired of everyone throwing them together at all the family outings.  Ana had agreed with him.  They had remained friends throughout it all.  Now however Ana was home and single.  No fiancé by her side anymore.  She had been her usual sweet self but she seemed different.  Her break up had been difficult.  She may have been the one to end their relationship but she had not been the one to tear it apart.  Dane felt sympathy towards her.  He had experienced the bitter taste of betrayal first hand as well.

"I'm sure he does."  Dane said stepping out into the empty office.  He walked his office and realized that Ana was hot on his heels.  "Ana what are you doing?"  He paused before unlocking his door.

"I'm reporting to work Dane."

"I can see that but this is my office."

"Yes, and I will be assisting you with everything."

Dane stepped into his office and to his surprise there was a desk sitting to the right of his.  "What the..."  He growled beneath his breath.  Today was going to be difficult enough.  He had to go over all the financials again for the thousandth time and try to keep his mind off Berkley.   Now he would have to manage this under the scrutiny of Ana.

Ana place her purse in the bottom left hand drawer of her desk and smiled at Dane as he sat down at his desk too.  "So, where do we begin?  Would you like a cup of coffee?"

"Yes, coffee would be great."  Dane said knowing that would get her out of his hair long enough for him to call Grace and check on Berkley.

"...Cream and sugar?"  She asked with too much perk for his taste this early in the morning. 

"Um, why don't you walk down to the Barista and get us both something."  He smiled and handed her some cash.

Once she was gone he called home.  "I hope you're having a good morning Dane.  How did things go last night?  I'm guessing the motorcycle out front means you didn't go to Berkley's party."

"No, I didn't.  So he is still there?"

"Yes, I haven't heard a peep out of anyone this morning.  What time is Cybil bringing Ethan?"

"I told her to drop him by here around eleven.  I can run him home at lunch."

"Dane, why didn't you meet her last night?"

"George has been following her Grace.  Did you see the paper yesterday?  They practically accused me of having sex with her in the dressing room."

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