Chapter 23 - Mommy

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Chapter 23

It was Monday and pretty much work as usual until his mom showed up with Berkley and Ethan.  Apparently there was a play date at the park.  Apparently Ethan thought it would be fun to surprise Dane with a picnic lunch on the roof.  So he spent an hour and a half with them before Cybil came back to get them.  “Berkley and Ethan are going to spend the afternoon at the house.  Do you mind swinging by after work?”  She asked innocently.

Dane had seen his mom play match maker more times than he could count but never with anyone that interested him, so he couldn’t help but smile back at her for being so obvious, to him at least.  Berkley seemed to be rather clueless of her intentions.

So being a good son and doing as he was told for once, he showed up as expected and was now standing in the kitchen with his mom watching Berkley and Ethan playing in the back yard.  The tension between them had been palpable and Cybil wanted Dane to know she had had enough of it.  “Dane, look outside and tell me what you see?” 

Dane rolled his eyes and chose to indulge her as usual.  “What mom?”  He stood beside her and looked out across the lawn.  Berkley was crawling on all fours and Ethan was sitting on her back.  She was smiling and appeared to be pretending to be a horse while Ethan laughed and held on to her. 

“Tell me what you see?”

“I see Berkley and Ethan playing.”  He deadpanned.

“Dane, tell me what your heart is seeing?”

Dane looked at her briefly still surprised by the direction she was taking him.  He watched the scene unfolding before him like a home movie and in his heart he knew.  “I see my family.”

“Then I suggest you pursue this before it’s too late.”  She said sweetly.

“I’m trying.  It’s just been difficult to get past some things.”

“Well figure out a way.”  She smiled.

“Figure out what?”  Alan asked suspiciously.

“Dane is in love Alan.”

“…With who?” He huffed.

“Alan, just hush.  You’re no good at discussing matters of the heart so just go analyze another financial report.”  She teased but he wasn’t at all amused.

“Dane, what’s going on?  Is she talking about that Nanny of yours?  I know she is pretty but you can’t seriously be considering this.”

Ethan and Berkley walked in and the conversation died.  As if the tension and moment wasn’t awkward enough Ethan came running up to Dane with a ring of yellow wild flowers woven together.

“Look what Mommy made for me Daddy!”

You could have heard a pin drop.  The silence was long and drawn out over only a moment or two but plenty long enough for everyone’s eyes to bounce off each other a few times.  Cybil graciously took matters into her own hands and broke the silence. 

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